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The start up of Bitcoin find the good pro of the European Commission

To shore the competitiveness of companies must be a north that every government must have so that the economy of their respectives countries not only grow, but also allows a better quality of life for their citizens. In this sense, adapting to the growing trends of markets and the realities of new ventures is indispensable. And the universe of cryptocurrencies by the hand of  bitcoin and blockchain is not left behind. Thus the start up of Bitcoin find the good pro of the European Commission.

The European Commission: not to be left behind.

The European Commission is promoting the new Start-up and Scale-up initiative, which aims to increase Europe’s competitiveness for entrepreneurs and innovative new businesses by reducing regulatory barriers of all kinds.

This initiative comes after a deep reflection on the usual problem that European companies rarely grow at regional level, wasting a market of at least 500 million people. And so they have proposed changing that situation.

Europe: towards the facilitation of companies.

The European Commission seeks to make its region a great place to start and expand a company is simpler. These are new jobs, innovation and competitiveness for Europe. This initiative will benefit the bitcoin and blockchain companies that start or expand at European level.

But not everything looks necessarily simpler. Bitcoin startups may face a different challenge when operating in Europe as the Commission is committed to ending the anonymity associated with cryptocurrencies. Digital coins operators and wallet suppliers should be included within the scope of the current EU anti-money laundering Directive, which is a due diligence requirement for parties dealing in cryptocurrencies transactions.

It is clear that this would put an end to one of the most important features of cryptocurrencies, such as the anonymity of transactions.

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