The Staking Platform Of CODI Finance

The Staking Platform Of CODI Finance
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CODI Finance has successfully listed $CODI on the prominent cryptocurrency exchange Raydium and was recently added to CoinMarketCap which would make metrics publicly available.

CODI is a new DEX exchange based on the Solana network that aims to revolutionize transactions with the fastest cryptocurrency exchange. The CODI exchange has taken note of Solana’s solution to the issues of high transaction fees and slow speeds in the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain networks and will put them into practice.

CODI Finance is on a breakthrough spree after just listing on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap which are two of the most important data sites, the $CODI token can now be found on the most established and trusted information sources in the cryptocurrency space while it’s traded on Raydium. New and larger exchanges will emerge as a result of the increased liquidity from newcomers and the team has finished developing an off-chain staking platform, and now working on the representation and distribution.

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The Off-chain staking platform utilizes assets “Off-chain” which means tokens will be transferred to the platform which creates an appealing staking pool with several sorts of Staking-Tiers such as the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Challenger. The different staking tiers have an APY that offers great encouragement to holders that stake their tokens, this is one of the various ways the CODI team rewards every member of the community. Parts of the community that stake their tokens earn a share that is directly proportional to the volume they contribute to the pool. Also, liquidity pools have a part to offer low-volume assets in return for bigger incentives.

About CODI:

CODI aims to build a fully decentralized exchange with high-speed, low-latency, and low-cost layers. It will improve the user experience in cryptocurrency trading by utilizing a user-friendly interface as well as a diversified range of features. CODI will create a DEX platform where users can change trustless exchanges of virtual tokens and assets by using the CODI platform to make easy transfers between wallets, trade various cryptocurrencies, staking, ensure market liquidity, and enable users to fully utilize the network’s capabilities, including NFT’s marketplace shortly.


The breakthrough of CODI Finance is imminent and to be a part of the CODI network, visit for more information or you can join the community by following their social media channels:

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