The Sandbox and TIME to Develop ‘TIME Square’ in the Metaverse

The Sandbox and TIME to Develop 'TIME Square' in the Metaverse

Ethereum based virtual world, The Sandbox, has joined forces with American media mogul, Time Inc., to develop ‘TIME Square’ in the metaverse. The simulated location will serve as a virtual hub for community, art and commerce, resembling the iconic Time’s Square in New York City.

The metaverse has witnessed an unprecedented traction in recent times. Many of the world’s prominent celebrities, athletes along with the largest technology companies are investing in the construction of the metaverse. Consumers are not simply venturing into the virtual world. Instead they are designing, building, buying and trading content within the virtual world. Multi-billion dollar companies including, Nike, Samsung, NVIDIA, Boeing, United Parcel Service (UPS) among many others have already dipped their toes in the metaverse space.

TIME Square- A Virtual Hub for Art and Commerce

The Sandbox and TIME to Develop 'TIME Square' in the Metaverse

In the latest development, The Sandbox, announced a partnership with Time, to build an online destination, providing virtual access to discussions, events, screenings of TIME Studios projects and educational experiences. Sandbox’s collaboration with TIMEPieces, the NFT community initiative from TIME, will be an inclusive environment that will provide unique experiences to TIMEPieces holders. This will mark TIME’s first-ever destination in the metaverse.

According to the official blog post, TIME Square aims to be the virtual hotspot for the metaverse similar to what the Times’ Square in NY City has become for today’s bustling, ever-evolving physical and cultural landscape. TIME President, Keith A. Grossman, has already issued an open call for an architect to design TIME Square in the virtual world. He said,

“We are thrilled to now tap into that community as we seek to find the architect to design TIME Square in the metaverse, as we create an immersive experience with The Sandbox that provides a natural bridge between the virtual community of TIMEPieces, the historical coverage and global relationships of TIME, the unique IP coming from TIME Studios, TIME for Kids, and our real-life events.”

The Sandbox- A Virtual Manhattan

The Sandbox and TIME to Develop 'TIME Square' in the Metaverse

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox expressed that The Sandbox is often viewed as the ‘virtual Manhattan’. He stated,

“By partnering with TIME, we’re adding TIMEPieces as the beating heart and soul of this virtual Manhattan, where a design call for a virtual architect will be held in TIME Square, a place in our creative metaverse for brands and creators.”

The Sandbox, a subsidary of gaming giant, Animoca Brands, has been on the spotlight for quite sometime now. In February, The Sandbox, partnered with another gaming behemoth, Ubisoft, to introduce Ubisoft “game IP elements” to its gaming metaverse. In an effort to boost its Web3, Metaverse, and blockchain innovations, The Sandbox, recently acquired Uruguayan Company, Cualit, a full-stack gaming development technology firm.