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The Rise in Popularity in Bitcoin Casinos


Bitcoin has been around since 2009, but it was not until 2017 that everyone took notice of it. It was around December of that year that the price from a single bitcoin surpassed the €16,000.

Such a price for a relatively underground digital asset, isn’t it? Major industries from all over the world could not afford to ignore it anymore!

The online gambling industry was one that quickly jumped into the bitcoin wagon. The results from that union were the emergence of bitcoin casinos online.

Those are casinos that either managed to incorporate bitcoin successfully or new casinos that only trade in bitcoin. But why the scramble for it? Is it bitcoin not the same as using money from PayPal or credit cards?

As you will learn from what we are about to tell you here, bitcoin represents a way for you to entirely own the money you win at an online casino.


Forget about Bank Fees

Since bitcoin’s philosophy is to transact money exclusively between two consenting parties, banks are left out of the equation. Thus, you will not have to worry about paying bank fees; there are no banks involved!

Have Your Money Instantly

The money you put into a casino and the money you win on it is rightfully yours. Yet, banks all over the world take their sweet time to approve of a casino withdrawal transaction. They are making you wait for their time for you to enjoy your own money.

That may sound unfair for some. Bitcoin, by its very nature, does not involve banks. Thus, you can forget about waiting for them to finally let go of your money. A bitcoin transaction is instantaneous; you will enjoy your money faster than anyone using bank methods.

Complete Anonymity & Security

The encrypted nature of bitcoin means you will only supply a bitcoin address to the bitcoin casino you are using. You won’t ever supply them with bank or credit card information.

The bitcoin address is also not traceable. Decrypting them and then tracing it back to you simply does not happen.

Therefore, you can rest assured no one would access the sensitive info on you if, say, there was a leak of data from the casino. Your privacy is safeguarded with bitcoin.

Circumvent Restrictions

Some countries have severely draconian laws regarding online gambling and gambling in general. The US, for example, does not allow online gambling in most of the country. How do they do that?

They forbade banks and credit card companies from lending their services to US-based users looking to gamble online.

Luckily, banks and credit card companies are not involved in bitcoin. Using bitcoin, US users based on a state that forbids online gambling can actually gamble online.


Bitcoin Casinos with VIP Programs

Now, when you want to play at a casino that makes use of bitcoin, you surely would want to play at the ones with the best service.

You got to choose the one that spoils the hell out of you the most. Among all the bitcoin casinos springing out like weeds every day, the btc casinos with VIP programs are your best bet to choose from.

What distinguishes btc casinos from the regular online casinos is the myriad of benefits you receive by becoming a regular there: more free spins, exclusive promotions and awesome prizes.

Taking your business to bitcoin casinos guarantees you get the service you’d expect from a digital establishment you are about to invest your money on.

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