The Optimism Mainnet Will Now Host a Series of WorldCoin’s Flagship Applications

The Optimism Mainnet Will Now Host a Series of WorldCoin's Flagship Applications
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Optimism, a layer 2 scaling solution in the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, has recently announced the amalgamation of World ID and World App, some of WorldCoin’s flagship applications in its mainnet. When revealing the latest development, Optimism (OP) disclosed how the venture had been in development for over a year. It was also mentioned how having WorldCoin onboard would help in the joint development of a stronger decentralized identification ecosystem.

Through the collaboration between Optimism and WorldCoin, both World ID and World App would be optimized to seamlessly run on Optimism’s layer 2 infrastructure. The result would be faster transaction confirmation times, coupled with drastically lowered costs for customers of these applications. At the same time, Optimism announced that it would offer an open edition of non-transferable NFTs alongside WorldCoin. It would be possible for users to mint these NFTs via, a multichain NFT Infrastructure.

Optimism added,

“To commemorate the announcement of Worldcoin launching on Optimism Mainnet, we’re releasing this limited edition NFT to add to your collection. Worldcoin and Optimism are committed to realizing a scalable, inclusive future that unlocks the full potential of crypto. Worldcoin’s deployment on Optimism and entry into the Superchain is an important milestone in the evolution of identity on the blockchain.”

The crypto market is in chaos due to increased regulatory pressure and uncertainty in the banking sector. Therefore, the news surrounding Optimism has not really helped the trading price of the firm’s native token, OP. At the time of writing, Optimism (OP) has declined by 9.58% in the previous 24 hours, pulling the trading price back to $1.5083. At the same time, the total market cap of the cryptocurrency is currently $474 million.

Optimism (OP) has declined by 9.58% in the previous 24 hours

WorldCoin is All Set to Shift to The Optimism Mainnet from Polygon

WorldCoin can be classified as an open-source initiative, which is fully backed up by a global force of developers, technicians, economists, and many more. As long as its World App is concerned, it empowers users to save and transfer an array of crypto tokens via Polygon.

WorldCoin is All Set to Shift to The Optimism Mainnet from Polygon

One of the core reasons for opting for the Optimism mainnet was the mainnet offered the possibility of increased stability and scalability. The Ethereum layer 2 solutions have gained popularity over a few months. Similarly, other layer 2 scaling solutions have also gained much fame and user adoption. Some of them include Arbitrium, zkSync, and so on.

The overall rapid development of the Ethereum layer 2 ecosystem points fingers towards a positive, favorable development for both the Ethereum network and the users. This is due to increased acceptance and the overall scalability of Ethereum-based applications, addressing the possible scalability of the network at the same time.


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