The New Community Call in Uniswap Discusses Extending Liquidity Mining Rewards

Uniswap Inventor Hayden Adams and Two Others are Working on a New AMM for Large DeFi Trades
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A new community called is posted on the Uniswap governance forum. The user, monet-supply, calls the community on Thursday, November 12, at 17:00 UTC for this community discussion. Many topics will be discussed in the coming community call, but the most important one is about the liquidity mining program.

Discussing the Mining Details

Mining in Uniswap is one of the most popular services users are looking for. Liquidity mining is currently active based on guidelines that will end on 11/17. According to the current guidelines, UNI is available through four liquidity mining pools: ETH/USDT, ETH/USDC, ETH/DAI, and ETH/WBTC. UNI holders may vote to add more pools after an initial 30-day governance grace period.

The new discussion about liquidity mining in Uniswap can cause significant changes in the guidelines and processes that affect all of the users. Thus, community members like monet-supply request all members to attend the community call and talk about the proposals. Discussion for extending the existing programs or starting a revised plan is the main discussion about liquidity mining.

There will be other topics in the coming community call for Uniswap members. They will discuss the community governance process, too. The topic that had some problems and needs improvements for future operations.

According to the Uniswap governance forum post, the community will discuss some other topics on Thursday. The other issues are:

“Compound: cUNI voting 2 with Snapshot polling. MakerDAO: UNI and ETH/USDC + ETH/DAI LP tokens as collateral.”

There will be an open discussion in the coming Uniswap community call. Attending members can propose their topics of interest and talk about solutions or alternatives. Some members have already posted suggestions on the topic. One of them says:

“I actually have one suggestion for a topic which I think needs to be addressed. It concerns the inability to vote with pooled tokens and how that directly contradicts the very core functionality of Uniswap as a whole. in short, Uniswap is built on the premise of liquidity pools, where it is encouraged to provide liquidity, so pairs become more stable.”

Community calls are becoming vital parts of blockchain projects. DeFi groups like Uniswap benefit from them more than any other project. They focus on a topic in community calls to improve the whole platform. As a result, members who are currently working with the product can affect the development and improvement process, which was not available in traditional software projects. It results in more collaboration for the project.

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