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One of the ongoing community proposals for the NEM ecosystem is the NEM Framework project. After about a year building applications based on NEM / Mijin, members of the NEM community have proposed a long-term development project, with a necessary budget of 15 million XEM from the Community Fund.

Work has been done to define a Development Framework in this regard. Basically it will be a set of tools, libraries and views that will allow any developer to create powerful and robust products in addition to the NEM technology.

The main components of the system would be:

  • Libraries that will allow and facilitate any system to be integrated with NEM / MIJIN in an agile and secure way.
  • DSL, a conceptual abstraction layer through a traditional object-oriented system.
  • Proxy Layer that allows a complex business logic in the servers while keeping the private keys in the client.
  • Pool connection that would guarantee constant connectivity.
  • TestRPC component that allows Blockchain TDD
  • Set of visual components that will standardize and ensure user input.

Some of the benefits that such a framework would offer are:

  • Faster training
  • Faster development times
  • Safer products
  • Better products
  • New business models
  • Stronger Dev Community

In order to develop a consistent ecosystem, NEM Framework will be designed following the good development practices of the NEM core team and the vision of the NEM Foundation.

This project is proposed by Atraura Blockchain and is the result of the experience gained from working on multiple projects during the last 4 years, and more recently in NEM / Mijin products. Atraura Blockchain is part of the Atraura group.

Here you can find the complete documentation of the project:



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