The Decentralized Revolution of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Ripple CEO: World Governments Are Considering Blockchain-Based Financial Solutions

It was about a decade ago that the tech world became familiar with a new concept named cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, the first financial solution that leveraged blockchain technology, showed that full decentralization isn’t a myth. Satoshi Nakamoto introduced an economic system that disrupted many industries. Next to the financial solution, Bitcoin showed that blockchain technology could be implemented in daily life. It wasn’t long after that many blockchain-based products emerged and started a wave of innovation in the world.

Practical blockchain projects showed that many industries could improve in various sectors using decentralized systems. Ethereum showed that smart contracts could bring innovation to almost any industry. Distributed ledger technology came to many sectors and help businesses leverage a more secure, reliable, and fast system. All of these came to action with the help of decentralized communities around the world. People themselves came to action and helped each other develop a new world.

Although many people became familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain as investment tools, the tech is beyond just making money. It helps many businesses and industries start a new path and solve lots of challenges that have decreased the speed of the technology revolution. But there is still a long way ahead. Many people still need to learn the fundamentals of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to be able to use them in their daily life. Websites like are great sources for ness and articles about blockchain technology that can help people become more familiar with the innovative technology.


Businesses on Blockchain

As mentioned above, many businesses around the world have leveraged blockchain technology in their systems. Many of them use private blockchains for storing and managing data. Many others provide blockchain-based services to individuals and institutions looking for decentralized solutions. These businesses and their execs need reliable sources for learning more about the technology. is a great source for reading and learning about business with blockchain. Small teams and startups can use the sources on this website to learn the fundamentals of business development with blockchain, too.

Investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects is the new kind of earning money in the 21st century. Individual and institutional investors around the world have acknowledged the power of this new investment system and are bringing capital to the trading platforms. DeFi revolution that showed the capacities of smart contract-based financial services helped the industry attract more traders. Nowadays, lots of traders around the world are considering cryptocurrencies as means of earning money or at least storing value. They need useful information and reliable news sources like that help them be at the forefront of events in the industry. Besides, academic sources help them know more about the fundamentals and techniques of trading in the new innovative market.

The cryptocurrency market has lots of terms, names, concepts, and components that even expert players of the industry may not know completely. It’s the reason that educational sources are very needed to help mainstream and even expert users. When people know more about technology, they feel more comfortable and trustful when working with it. Besides, educational sources help people prevent scams and fraud and keep their holdings safe.

Decentralized Payments

One of the best use-cases of cryptocurrencies is payment. Digital currencies have been in circulation for a long time. But they couldn’t solve the challenge of unbanked people or sanctions worldwide. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin first emerged to solve these issues. But the first coin had some shortcomings that prevented normal people from using them in their daily transactions. There are lots of cryptocurrency payment solutions in the market nowadays. Even traditional payment giants like MasterCard and Visa are considering crypto payments in their services.

Topia Coin is an innovative payment solution that brings ease of use and security to mainstream users. According to the blog:

“Token Economy as part of the launch of the SDFS network, Topia Technology will release a new cryptocurrency token known as Topia Coin. Within the SDFS network, this token will be used to pay for services as well as to reward users who contribute to network health. In the Topia Coin economy, token uses range from paying fees associated with the container creation and replication of digital assets to serve as a value exchange medium in applications built on the SDFS network.”


The DeFi Revolution

As mentioned above, DeFi platforms played a vital role in introducing financial solutions to mainstream users. Services like Uniswap, SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, and many more, showed the world that decentralized financial solutions are accessible. They offer numerous services, from decentralized exchanges and staking to loans and even decentralized insurances. They have resulted in many people worldwide bring their holdings to the crypto industry and use decentralized services for trading. P2P payments and tradings are not a myth anymore, thanks to DeFi services. Everyone can trade holdings with another user without the worry of sanctions, regional limits, and etc. As a result, we see major names like Binance trying to have a role in this new market. Binance launched the Binance Smart Chain to help DeFi services launch and run faster than competing platforms like Ethereum. After all, the industry still needs improvements to attract more mainstream users.

Revolutionizing the Traditional Industries

Blockchain technology and, most importantly, DLT have shown their capabilities in disrupting many industries. But they can help them achieve bigger goals, too. Data transfer and management, next to monetizing the data are crucial sectors in any industry. Blockchain-based solutions can help industry players have a reliable system for storing and managing their data.

Secure file transfers can be done easily using blockchain-based solutions. Additive manufacturing is an innovative industry in the 21st century. It relies heavily on designed files, and players need security systems to manage their files. Erecoin provides a secure solution for this need. According to the blog:

“By using blockchain technology, the erecoin platform will simplify and secure the data transfer of 3D-related data. Files can be exchanged via secure and protected transactions using erecoin tokens. Smart Contracts safeguard all parties involved in the 3D printing process and bring transparency and a scalable compensation method into the megatrend market additive manufacturing.”


Blockchain technology and its most famous product, cryptocurrency, are here to show innovation in many industries. The products can help many financial sectors achieve bigger goals. There is still a long path ahead. But successful projects have shown the world that the new revolution is surely decentralized.