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The Binance Academy: Filling the Demand for Blockchain Knowledge

Binance Academy becomes a fundamental project for the exchange, since this initiative would not only strengthen its user base with the appropriate knowledge, which is in itself an important advantage over its competitors, but it would also be contributing to the community in general about their access to adequate training, overcoming the existing educational void in the blockchain theme.

The advent of cryptocurrencies has aroused enormous expectations and attention in millions of people around the world. Either by simple curiosity or by taking advantage of new investment opportunities, cryptocurrencies are a reality that is still in full development and improvement, and which therefore requires greater diffusion of its principles, uses and characteristics.

That is why the existence of initiatives that promote the knowledge of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and how they can be adequately adopted is timely, thus achieving their best understanding for a successful mass adoption, which is what is expected for the good of cryptography in general.

Binance aware of this has launched a beta program of its learning center that has become known as Binance Academy.

Although many players have been emerging in the cryptographic scenario and many universities and educational centers have begun to offer comprehensive courses to fill this vacuum of knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there is still a gap that can be exploited by an easily accessible platform that provide the best knowledge on the subject.

Binance made public the launch of its learning platform, noting that its goal is to provide a “one-stop shop” for blockchain and crypto learning resources to be available to all. This initiative of the well-known exchange would cover broad topics on the universe of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, ranging from fundamentals to the advancement of the current market.

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One aspect that deserves to be highlighted is that while Binance is creating its own content for this academy, it has also expressed its intention to keep the doors open so that the community in general has full freedom to request and send material that it considers useful about the theme, thus ensuring the decentralization of the entire educational platform.

The contributions of users and content producers would be subject to review to ensure the uniform quality of the material available in the academy.

The first formal announcement of Binance and its intention to form an academy was made on its official channel in May 2018 when the team working on the project made an open invitation to users of the exchange to participate in the creation of content for the platform then in formation.

As an incentive, Binance established rewards in the supply of Binance tokens (BNB) for users participating in contributions with a maximum of 200 BNB per theme presented and approved.

Already educational platforms such as Coursera, Udemy, edX and Blockgeeks have been offering online training courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

However, Binance aims to position itself as the best educational and decentralized reference for the access of all those interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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