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The Biggest Public Business Intelligence Firm Adopts Bitcoin

MicroStrategy Increases Amount from $600M to $900M to Buy More Bitcoin

MicroStrategy announced buying $250 million worth of Bitcoin for investment and treasury management causes. The public traded company is among the leaders of the business intelligence market. It announced some plans to diversify investment in the Q2 2020 financial report, published on July 28th.

Increased Interest in Cryptocurrencies From Institutional Investors

Buying bitcoin as an investment is becoming common among institutional investors. MicroStrategy has plans to diversify its investment and find new ways to serve the shareholders. They decided to buy bitcoin as one of the most promising alternate investments. The new program included buying 21,454 BTC.

Many experts believe in the long-term profitability of Bitcoin. MicroStrategy chose the leading cryptocurrency for this reason, too.

MicroStrategy execs want to allocate their holding capital in multiple sources.

“This investment reflects our belief that Bitcoin, as the world’s most widely-adopted cryptocurrency, is a dependable store of value and an attractive investment asset with more long-term appreciation potential than holding cash. Since its inception over a decade ago, Bitcoin has emerged as a significant addition to the global financial system, with characteristics that are useful to both individuals and institutions. MicroStrategy has recognized Bitcoin as a legitimate investment asset that can be superior to cash and accordingly has made Bitcoin the principal holding in its treasury reserve strategy.” said Michael J. Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy Incorporated.

Choosing Bitcoin as an alternative investment in business intelligence firms surely needs lots of research and considerations. These companies need reliable assets for investment that provide a hedge against inflation. MicroStrategy believes Bitcoin will provide this hedge and also has more returns for investment compared to other assets.

Saylor believes Bitcoin is digital gold and is more reliable and smarter than other modern assets.

“We find the global acceptance, brand recognition, ecosystem vitality, network dominance, architectural resilience, technical utility, and community ethos of Bitcoin to be persuasive evidence of its superiority as an asset class for those seeking a long-term store of value,” he added.

The latest decision from MicroStrategy execs follows their previous guidelines and vision. The company has been one of the first in the enterprise business intelligence software sector. They have always welcomed new technologies and disrupting solutions in their 30-year history.

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