Tether is Investing in Biotech and AI to ‘Empower Humans Throughout the Future Inevitable Evolution’

Tether is Investing in Biotech and AI to 'Empower Humans Throughout the Future Inevitable Evolution'
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  • Tether acquires $200 million majority stake in Blackrock Neurotech.
  • The investment will boost the commercialization of medical devices based on brain signals.
  • Paolo Ardoino, CEO of the company, highlights the transformative potential of Blackrock Neurotech’s brain-computer interfaces.

Tether, known for issuing the USDT stablecoin, has announced a significant investment of $200 million to acquire a majority stake in Blackrock Neurotech, a company dedicated to the development of medical devices powered by brain signals.

This investment comes from the company’s venture capital division, Tether Evo, marking an important step towards the future of medical technology and brain-computer interface (BCI) innovation.

Blackrock Neurotech has excelled in the field of neurotechnology, designing brain-computer interfaces that offer new possibilities in communication, rehabilitation and cognitive improvements for people with paralysis and neurological disorders.

Tether’s investment will not only drive the commercialization of these medical devices but will also fund continued research and development in this innovative field.

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino has expressed the company’s commitment to emerging technologies that have transformative capabilities.

Ardoino highlights the potential of Blackrock Neurotech’s brain-computer interfaces to open new dimensions in communication, rehabilitation and cognitive enhancement.

This partnership between a leading cryptocurrency company and a cutting-edge neurotechnology company reflects the drive toward the convergence of technology and human capabilities.

Tether Investment in Biotechnology and AI to 'Empower Humans Throughout Inevitable Future Evolution'

Tether, with its capitalization of $110 billion thanks to USDT, has diversified its focus beyond the issuance of stablecoins

The formation of Tether Evo and the strategic investment made in Blackrock Neurotech are clear evidence of the company’s commitment to disruptive innovation, which goes beyond conventional boundaries.

This collaboration not only portends significant advances in the medical field, but also opens the door to future applications of brain-computer interfaces in fields as diverse as advanced communication and improving the quality of life of people with different neurological conditions.

The potential impact of this alliance is not limited solely to the technological or financial sphere, but represents a milestone on the path towards a deeper integration between technology and humanity as a whole, thus marking a transcendental change in the way in which We interact with innovation and its influence on our lives.


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