Tether Fires Back! Explosive Response to UN’s Allegations of ‘Illicit Activity’ in USDT

Tether Fires Back! Explosive Response to UN's Allegations of 'Illicit Activity' in USDT
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In a recent turn of events, Tether, the renowned stablecoin issuer, has publicly disputed allegations made by the United Nations (UN) regarding the misuse of its stablecoin, USDT. The UN’s report had implicated that the stablecoin is increasingly being used for illicit activities.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Tether is being used in money laundering, terror financing, and sanctions evasion. The report also mentioned that the stablecoin has been used in financing Hamas, paying Chinese fentanyl suppliers, funding North Korea’s nuclear program, and facilitating the purchase of sanctioned Venezuelan oil for Russian oligarchs.

Tether, however, has refuted these claims, stating that the reports are based on “highly erroneous interpretations of data”. In a blog post, Tether emphasized that it adheres to regulatory compliance and due diligence, proactively safeguards the integrity of its platform, and provides the inherent transparency of blockchain technology.

“There is simply no evidence that Tether has violated Sanctions laws or the Bank Secrecy Act through inadequate customer due diligence or screening practices,” Tether stated in the post. The company underscored its openness to engage in meaningful discussions about security and integrity. It further stressed the crucial role of education in understanding virtual assets.

Tether Calls for Fact-Based Analysis and Discussion with the UN

Tether Fires Back! Explosive Response to UN's Allegations of 'Illicit Activity' in USDT

The use of the stablecoin for unlawful financial transactions has sparked apprehension among regulators and legislators. This has led to a bipartisan appeal in Washington to apply the Bank Secrecy Act and additional regulatory actions to cryptocurrency firms, including Tether, to counteract money laundering and illegal financing.s

In response to these concerns, Tether has invited and encouraged rigorous scrutiny based on factual, corroborated data rather than misinterpretation and misinformation. The company believes that decision-makers, stakeholders, and the general public must correctly discern between conjecture and fact.

Tether continues to uphold its commitment to transparency and accountability within the crypto ecosystem. The company has extended an invitation to the United Nations to participate in a cooperative discussion aimed at addressing any concerns and promoting a joint initiative to combat financial crimes in the digital age.

As the debate continues, the crypto community awaits further developments. The outcome of this situation could have significant implications for the future of cryptocurrencies and their regulation.


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