Tangle EE Working Group Developing Two Major Projects Focused on Privacy and Online Marketplace


Eclipse Foundation published details about two ongoing projects in Tangle EE Working Group. The group launched in February 2020 as a partnership between Eclipse Foundation and IOTA Foundation.

Their plans are focused on developing payment and data use cases on the IOTA Tangle, the DLT solution of IOTA.


“We are working together in the @Tangle_EE WG to accelerate the development of enterprise-grade & open-source tools based on the #Tangle in collaboration w/ @EclipseFdn,” tweeted IOTA.

Project Focused on Secure Decentralized Transactions

Tangle EE Working Group has some other founding members like Dell Technologies, STMicroelectronics, and some software companies, standards bodies, and universities.

Together they try to make products to increase the use case around DLT in payment and data fields. The two ongoing projects are Eclipse Unified Identity and Eclipse Tangle Marketplace.


Eclipse Unified Identity is a project about increasing security and trust in digital transactions. The final product will be a trust layer that makes it easier to approve your information in online services more comfortable.

Unified identity solution tries to remove the privacy challenges of providing personal information to online services.

Enterprises can take benefit from that to comply with international privacy guidelines like GDPR.

“ The Unified Identity protocol is an implementation of Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) that implements the W3C proposed standards for Decentralized Identifiers (DID), Verifiable Credentials, and other proposed decentralized identity standards,” according to Eclipse Foundation.

The working group tries to make the unified identity solution an easy to use tool for developers and organization. The trust layer is built by using Tangle, and IOTA Foundation will launch the demo platform for developers in the coming months.

Eclipse Tangle Marketplace is the other ongoing project that has features like on decentralized P2P transactions. The project makes it easier for developers to build decentralized marketplaces.

So, the users can work with each other directly, and no centralized community is responsible for pricing and other operations.

“All marketplace members are of equal rank and have equal rights. All financial transactions are trustless, permissionless, and peer-to-peer,” said Eclipse Foundation.

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