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Bitcoin (BTC) Prices Must Close Above $24k for Uptrend Confirmation

Bitcoin is bullish at spot rates but the uptrend will be validated if there are high volume breakouts above $24k.

The Cryptocurrency Market Plummets. What is Happening?

Throughout this year, the cryptocurrency market has been going through a difficult time. Not only did cryptos lose their value, ...

FED Hikes Interest Rates Again. Bitcoin is Relatively Stable Although Some Altcoins are Down

FED Hikes Interest Rates Again and Bitcoin (BTC) is Relatively Stable

Since earlier this year, the FED has been actively pumping up interest rates in an effort to control global inflation. ...


Bitcoin Breakout from Bear Flag, BTC Expansion Expected

Bitcoin prices are higher, bouncing from November low and trading above the bear flag. BTC resistance remains at $17.5k.

FED Rate Hike: Cryptocurrencies Hold Steady While Traditional Markets Fall. The End of Correlation?

Rising Interest Rates: Crypto Remains Stable While Traditional Markets Fall.

FED’s intention of increasing the overall interest rates was known to many previously. In a recent development, the FED has ...

United Nations Urge FED to Stop Interest Hikes

United Nations Urge FED to Stop Interest Hikes

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has released a report to warn against monetary regulation. The agency ...

Bitcoin Rebounds Strongly above $18k; is the Rout Over?

Bitcoin Rebounds Strongly above $18k; is the Rout Over?

Bitcoin prices recovered on September 22, rallying from $18.5k. However, BTCUSDT remains within a bear breakout formation.

St. Louis Fed's CEO

James Bullard says Financial System Changing for The Worse due to Cryptocurrencies

The current use of cryptocurrencies in the US may lead to illegal activities, said St. Louis Federal Reserve President James ...