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SynchroLife: the first Blockchain-based restaurant research and recommendation platform

In these times of interesting proposals based on blockchain technology we find practically everything, nevertheless never cease to amaze us. The capacity and inventiveness of many entrepreneurs makes of this technology their best ally. Tapping to the most everyday tastes, the new proposals come and with the initiative to create their own community and encourage it with their own currency or token, little by little they become an indispensable part of our daily lives.

And to that everyday life, the people of SynchroLife bet, under the premise of rewarding the good taste of the palate of its users recommending restaurants. Now recommending a restaurant can mean having access to an advanced community that also has its own digital currency, and that will open doors to interesting possibilities.

SynchroLife is the first blockchain-based restaurant research and recommendation platform, which seeks to connect users and restaurants to build a new chip-based economy.

With the belief that food lovers and restaurant critics deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and content generation, SynchroLife will award tokens to users who contribute to the platform. These tokens can be used to purchase coupons, post ads, reffer to other users, make payments at restaurants and other places through a debit card, and much more, building the highly liquid and highly promising SynchroLife token-based economy. Participating restaurants will also be able to use SynchroCoin to pay for marketing and advertising on the SynchroLife platform.

SynchroLife strives to solve the classic problems users encounter when it comes to finding an online restaurant and learning about its qualities, rewarding content creators and tabbed reviewers to encourage them to help build and maintain the platform and maintain approval and rejection of content in the blockchain for maximum transparency. SynchroLife is also relieving restaurant-related stress by developing artificial intelligence to learn from each individual user’s preferences and offer them personalized recommendations through search or a social feed.

SynchroLife  has announced a crowdsale of its Ethereum SynchroCoin (SYC) token starting September 22, 2017 at 15:00 GMT to support the development and implementation of blockchain technology on the SynchroLife platform.

The SynchroCoin (SYC) will be used in SynchroLife as a reward to users for contributing high quality reviews, restaurant information or updates, translations and other significant content to the SynchroLife platform.

Having successfully tested the beta of SynchroLife in Japan, the service opened worldwide in July this year. SynchroLife plans to develop and grow service around the world.

Thanks to blockchain technology, the SynchroLife platform is connecting both users and restaurants to build a mutually beneficial, token-based economy in an unprecedented reality.

You can download the SynchroLife app for Android here, and for iOS here. For more details about the project, you can review their White paper.


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