Swiss Blockchain Company TIXnGO Launched Health n GO; Secure Mobile Health Certificate Wallet Based on Blockchain

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It seems that coronavirus has made some opportunities for innovative companies. Solutions that focus on today’s challenges in health and medical ecosystem can get very much engagement and grow their business models on reliable foundations.

TIXnGO is the latest company to launch a service addressing COVID-19 challenges and launched Health n Go as a secure wallet for health certificates based on blockchain.

“TIXnGO, the secure mobile #blockchain ticketing platform – a SecuTix sister company and part of the ELCA Group – announces the launch of Health n Go, a secure health certificate mobile delivery solution,” tweeted TIXnGO.

Blockchain Solution Helping Medical Workers

TIXnGO has been working for three years on blockchain-based solutions and is part of the ELCA Group, a software group in Switzerland. Their first and primary product is a solution to fight fraud in events that securely provides tickets based on blockchain infrastructure.

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The Health n Go project born from the same idea, and there would be no time better to launch that. Nowadays that many health service providers are facing issues in gathering and managing data fighting coronavirus pandemic, such solutions can be useful for them.

ELCA saw the need and opportunity for a secure digital identity solution in the medical industry. Besides, governments need similar tools as measures to get access to reliable data. The data about health certificates is one of the most important fields that need reliable solutions. TIXnGO and ECLA launched Health n Go to address that issue particularly.

TIXnGO counts some of the benefits of Health n Go as:

  • Proven at scale in fraud, security prone environment
  • Ready now, live, and implemented.
  • Full certificate traceability
  • GDPR reviewed.
  • Swiss data residency
  • Artificial Intelligence fraud patterns detection

The Health n Go claims straightforward usability for digital health certificates. Trusted parties like doctors and public health service providers issue a digital health certificate to the patient’s mobile wallet.

This certificate can include information about health status and potential infection to coronavirus. The patient provides the certificate to controllers that can be police, employers, etc. they check the status by scanning the QR Code on application. Health n Go has just launched and needs time for adoption and testing in action.