Sweet Deal: PancakeSwap Offers to Refund Interface Fees to Uniswap Users

Sweet Deal: PancakeSwap Offers to Refund Interface Fees to Uniswap Users
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  • Fee Reimbursement Campaign: PancakeSwap is offering to refund $8 million in interface fees to Uniswap users who match their trading volume on PancakeSwap v3, from May 16 to August 15, as a strategic move to attract traders after Uniswap increased its fees.
  • Incentives and Efficiency: To draw users, PancakeSwap has proposed various incentives, including enhancing the veCAKE ecosystem. It operates on the Binance Smart Chain, which is more cost-effective than Uniswap’s Ethereum network.
  • Qualification and Market Competition: Traders must have traded a minimum of $5,000 in WBTC/WETH on Uniswap from January to March to qualify for the refund. PancakeSwap, the sixth-largest DEX by volume, is using this initiative to compete with Uniswap.

In a strategic maneuver aimed at luring traders away from competitor Uniswapdecentralized exchange PancakeSwap has announced plans to offset the fees incurred by users on Uniswap. The total amount earmarked for reimbursement is a whopping $8 million in fees.

PancakeSwap Generous Fee Reimbursement Initiative

PancakeSwap’s Head Chef, Mochi, unveiled the fee reimbursement initiative, which specifically targets traders who match their Uniswap v3 trading volume 1:1 on PancakeSwap v3. This generous offer will be available from May 16 to August 15.

The move comes in response to Uniswap Labs’ decision to increase interface fees from 0.15% to 0.25% for most swaps in April, a decision that left some traders dissatisfied. PancakeSwap is seizing this opportunity by providing an attractive alternative for disgruntled users seeking relief from high fees.

Mochi explains, “As a leading multichain DEX, we are here to offer a direct solution. This campaign promises lower fees, better prices, and refunds for the excess fees paid on other platforms.”

Incentives and Blockchain Efficiency

PancakeSwap consistently offers incentives to attract users and motivate its community. In April, it proposed redirecting a portion of CAKE emissions to “bootstrap the veCAKE ecosystem.” 

This strategic move aimed to increase liquidity flow into the network and enhance CAKE incentive efficiency. Unlike Uniswap, which operates on the Ethereum network, PancakeSwap leverages the more cost-effective Binance Smart Chain.

Despite not being ranked among the top five DEX platforms, PancakeSwap competes effectively due to its low and affordable trading fees. The DEX’s positioning as a viable alternative to Uniswap is further strengthened by this fee reimbursement initiative.

Sweet Deal: PancakeSwap Offers to Refund Interface Fees to Uniswap Users

Qualifying for Reimbursement

To qualify for reimbursement, traders must have held a minimum of $5,000 in Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) and/or Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) pairs. Additionally, they must have actively traded on Uniswap’s Ethereum platform between January 1 and March 31.

Eligible Uniswap traders can verify their campaign eligibility through PancakeSwap’s Dune dashboard and complete a form to claim their compensation.

Market Share Battle

CoinGecko data reveals that PancakeSwap is currently the sixth-largest DEX by daily trading volumes. However, it trails behind Uniswap V3 by over $700 million in daily trading volumes. Analysts view this aggressive reimbursement move as PancakeSwap’s attempt to snatch market share from its competitor.

Meanwhile, Uniswap faces challenges beyond competition. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently issued a Wells Notice, claiming that Uniswap is a broker. Founder Hayden Adams is prepared to “fight” back, as the regulatory notice caused UNI token prices to plummet by approximately 15%.


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