Su Zhu’s NFT Fund to exclusively invest in the most desired NFTs on the market

Su Zhu's NFT Fund to exclusively invest in the most desired NFTs on the market
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Starry Night is the name of a new NFT fund that Zhu Su, Kyle Davies, and VincentVanDoug are launching. The new fund aims to bring top pieces from the most desired categories to the NFT world and attract more mainstem users. The fund will provide opportunities for education, launching, and trading NFTs. Starry Night has many plans to run before this year’s end. Many of them are focused on educating and giving more information about the NFT sector to the public.

Growth Opportunities for the NFT Sector

The NFT industry is showing big potentials these days. Many blockchains are focusing on providing opportunities. They focus on NFT marketplaces and launch tools that make it easy for any digital or physical artist to earn more from this sector. Launching big art products in the NFT form is one of these efforts that has been successful in many blockchains. Some of the industry players are trying to show the offers of the NFT sector to more people. They not only focus on artists but also try to educate mainstream users about these products.

Starry Night is a new NFT fund. Zhu Su, Kyle Davies, and VincentVanDoug are participating in launching this fund. They exclusively focus on the most desired NFTs on the market. VincentVanDough believes the best way to create a cultural paradigm shift toward NFTs is to offer more desired products in this space. The fund aims to educate and publish more information about NFTs, too. It will be done with the goal of mitigating the risks and worries about investing in the NFT sector. According to the announcement tweet:

“We are cognizant of the concerns many have about funds entering this space, and we will seek to always do right by the community. Before year’s end, we aim to launch an NFT education portal, explore ways to bring more exposure to up and coming artists, launch a physical gallery in a major city, ensure works in our collection remain open to the public via virtual galleries, and experiment with various community building initiatives. We strive to be good stewards of the space at large and use our influence to uplift and empower others.”

VincentVanDough believes the NFT industry can help all the players earn more. It’s not a zero-sum game. Digital artists, collectors, traders, and even token holders on NFT marketplaces can benefit from this space. But there should be more investment for small teams and also more education for mainstream users.

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