StormPlay integrates StormShop for android and iOS users in the US and Canada

StormPlay integrates StormShop for android and iOS users in the US and Canada

StormPlay users can now use StormShop within their platform and get paid in crypto while shopping online. The more users pay and buy inside StormShop, the more they get paid back in cryptocurrency.

The company announced the integration in a tweet:

“We are excited to announce our mobile launch of StormShop in US/Canada! Through StormPlay users can now earn up to 40% crypto back from hundreds of stores! Earn #BTC, #ETH, #DAI, #LTC, #STORM from eBay, Samsung, and more!”

StormPlay and StormShop

StormPlay is a kind of gaming platform that pays users for playing games and doing tasks. The platform is based on blockchain technology and pays the users with many cryptocurrencies including the proprietary Storm token.

Users in StormPlay get daily microtasks like viewing the advertisement videos or browsing through products. They can also become members of a loyalty program and earn more cryptocurrency just by holding more Storm tokens in their app.

StormShop is a product developed by the StormPlay team that lets users shop online and get paid back with cryptocurrency. Some big names like eBay, NewEgg, GameStop, and Groupon partner with StormShop.

The more users spend money in StormShop, the more they get paid back that sometimes goes as high as %40. StormShop was introduced as a browser extension before but according to the recent announcement, StormPlay app users in the US and Canada can take benefit from it, too. StormPlay also added some other features like a nickname for each user in the app and will be adding new languages soon.

The importance of Mobile shopping

Lots of users nowadays prefer shopping online and mobile shopping is the newest trend in the retail world. Besides, many giant retailers have improved mobile experience in their platforms and look forward to using new solutions.

Integrating StormShop to StormPlay means some users in 2.5 million user base of the platform, can have access to more fun mobile shopping. After all, more users in the US and Canada – and maybe soon in other countries – will try buying with the app and getting paid back with cryptocurrency which could lead to more partnerships for the Storm team.