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Storiqa: tokenized e-shop where buyers win

E-shops often result in a collapse of things to E-shops can be confusing when we try to find the product we want to acquire. Many times using the search engine can be complicated, especially if we are looking for something specific and not a generic product that can be found anywhere else. Storiqa ends with that and offers a market in which the user can find everything they need anywhere in the world, and all driven by blockchain.

Storiqa is presented to us as something beyond an e-shop. In fact, this e-commerce platform offers small businesses and sellers the opportunity to offer their products around the world, thus being able to offer users a market with quality, new and original products that can resolve one or several problems that may be having thousands of users around the world.

It usually happens that when you try to search for a product online, it is most likely that the user will be bombarded with results from thousands of websites and online markets on the same product that you do not need. The idea of ​​Storiqa is to end that saturation, providing just what is sought.

Each product in Storiqa has its own history, in fact many are limited circulation so you may acquire an item that in a couple of months will be worth 10 times its initial price in the not too distant future. Products produced with quality components from all countries of the world can reach your hands through Tokens STQ – the native token of this e-shop blockchain – no matter where you are.

Among the benefits of Storiqa we can mention that sellers and owners of commercial stores are not forced to pay the absurd amount of 20% to 30% of sales as in other existing markets, here the commission they must pay in Tokens STQ is minimal, which seeks to stimulate the market in a healthy way, helping to take care of the profitability of the merchant.

As for the buyers, for them Storiqa is a market in which they can obtain any product from any country without having to resort to currency exchange or Altcoins to obtain their product, they will even be rewarded for using the Storiqa platform with refunds for purchases and bonuses that will make this market your best option. In addition, thanks to the partner system that Storiqa proposes as a partner in the affiliate Marketing platform.

The STQ Tokens are the currency of the platform, solving the main problem that Altcoins markets present: Although being able to buy product with Altcoins is tempting, what happens if the buyer has Bitcoin and a seller wants Ethereum? The solution is simple. STQ Tokens will work as a single payment currency for all Storiqa items, allowing discounts, exclusive products and even gifts.

In addition, by using the STQ Wallet each of the members of the Storiqa platform will have resolved all the problems corresponding to the change of any Altcoin.

Find an article from Storiqa that you think is great, give your opinion about it, show it to your followers, subscribers, friends or relatives and get a small part of the sales of the product in question with your affiliate link.

For more information about Storiqa we recommend checking their website. We also recommend following them at their Telegram channel to stay up-to-date on all their news.

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