Stellar Partners With FinClusive Aimed at Stablecoin-Focused Banking

Stellar Partners With FinClusive Aimed at Stablecoin-Focused Banking
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A new partnership is announced, Stellar USDC and Finclusive focusing on easier banking with stablecoins. FinClusive will use Stellar’s technology to provide USDC payment to businesses and banks.

The ultimate goal is to provide the opportunity of using digital currencies to companies while letting them stay compliant. Industry players can use this partnership’s products to bring cryptocurrencies to their accounts and payment services easier. Compliance-as-a-service (CaaS) and accounts and payments (A&P) are vital components of this new opportunity.

Easier Digital Currency Payment for Businesses

Stellar is one of the leading business-focused blockchains. The community is always looking for partners to provide better, more efficient enterprise-level solutions. Their latest partnership with Finclusive is aimed at businesses that need digital currency payments, especially stablecoins.

Stellar USDC will be combined with FinClusive CaaS and A&P services to offer a holistic payment solution. FinClusive will bring all of the regulated services like KYC and AML to the partnership, so businesses can easily use USDC stablecoin without worry about compliance controls.

Finclusive’s business customers can now easily integrate USDC, one of the leading stablecoins worldwide, into their systems. They can now use a stablecoin with worldwide support and the least fluctuation. Stellar believes stablecoin-based banking is not competing with traditional banks and somehow completes their offerings. In other words, Stellar and Finclusive try to provide easier paths toward stablecoins for banks, too.

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The latest partnership between Stellar and FinClusive aims to facilitate digital banking and payment for businesses. The FCC rules have limited many companies in using digital payments. The compliance guidelines in the FinclClusive services and Stellar USDC may help enterprises act in a more regulated framework while offering innovative payments. According to the announcement, the partnership can helo many players in the industry:

“By offering CaaS and A&P services, FinClusive empowers both traditional financial institutions and crypto exchanges, non-bank financial institutions, peer-to-peer, and other service operators to provide services to those underserved or excluded from the financial system. FinClusive empowers businesses to address the regulatory challenges in full confidence…”

Financial inclusion, which means providing financial services to everyone, is only possible with innovative solutions that comply with regulations. Blockchains and digital banking institutions now believe that they have to partner and have conversations with regulators to move forward. These partnerships and talks gradually result in more inclusive guidelines and regulations, for sure. Stablecoins like USDC can be the first choices in this path because they remove the worry about fluctuations from business executives and regulators’ minds.

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