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Stellar Development Foundation Published 2020 Q4 Report

Stellar Development Foundation Published 2020 Q4 Report

A new report is published on Stellar blog focusing on the activities of the development foundation activities on Q4 2020. The report says that the Stellar community has experienced significant growth in the past year. The Foundation has done its best by focusing on the ecosystem’s pillar components and developing the fundamentals. The recent report consists of partnerships and investments, service launches, and conferences in the last quarter of 2020.

Stellar Community Looking Forward

Quarterly reports are standard reports in the tech industry. Although most public companies publish them to inform the shareholders and regulators, blockchain projects do the same to show their progress. These reports help them show their achievements and capabilities. The final result can be more trust in the blockchain that ultimately helps them attract more users.

Stellar Development Foundation, one of the Stellar blockchain’s most prominent supporters, helps the community and ecosystem grow around this blockchain. They focus on partnerships and developments to grow the stellar blockchain. Although 2020 wasn’t a good year for many industries, tech-based companies experienced growth in multiple areas. Many blockchain projects like Stellar were successful in growing their user-base and extending services. The Q4 report from SDF focuses on these achievements for the Stellar community.

The report starts with optimization about the progress in the Stellar community:

“Despite the unprecedented circumstances and dramatic changes around the globe, 2020 proved to be a landmark year for the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) and the Stellar network. By organizing our work around three strategic pillars, SDF rode the momentum to help deliver significant growth in the ecosystem and increase visibility and awareness amongst key stakeholders.”

One of the most critical partnerships happened in Q4 for the Stellar blockchain. SDF was successful in partnering with Centre Consortium and bring USDC to the Stellar blockchain. It’s a significant milestone for Stellar to support one of the most popular stablecoins. Besides, EURB, ARST, and BRLT are three other stablecoin achievements for the Stellar blockchain in Q4 2020.

Partnering with government organizations is vital for blockchains. It helps them remove the burdens of regulation easier and find more regular users. The MOU with the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation was one of the SDF’s critical achievements in the last quarter. According to the partnership, SDF will advise the Ukrainian government in issuing a CBDC.

Regarding the technical progress, SDF was successful in launching Protocol 15 in the last quarter. The new protocol makes it easier for the Stellar products to connect to the global financial sector.

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