Starknet Foundation confirms rumors of an airdrop plan, but does not provide details on eligibility

Starknet Prepares STRK Token Airdrop: Details and Eligibility Criteria Revealed
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The Starknet Foundation, responsible for the development and oversight of Ethereum layer two, has announced plans for an airdrop of the STRK token.

This news comes after the leak of possible eligibility criteria on social networks, generating expectations and caution in the blockchain community.

According to official statements, the airdrop of STRK tokens will be based on the past activity of certain users or contributors within the Starknet ecosystem.

Although preliminary details about possible eligibility criteria were leaked, the Starknet Foundation emphasized that these are plans in development and not yet final.

It was stressed that any current action or activity will not affect eligibility, as the selection criteria have been established in the past.

The main message from the Starknet Foundation is clear: official details on who will be eligible to receive STRK tokens and the amount that will be distributed will be shared when they are fully defined and ready for disclosure.


The company seeks to avoid confusion and provide an equitable and fair distribution of tokens.

Additionally, a warning was issued to the community to be alert for possible scams related to this airdrop.

Starknet Foundation Announces Plans for STRK Token Airdrop: Leaked Details Raise Expectations

The Starknet Foundation reminded users to only follow official information channels to receive legitimate updates and avoid falling victim to scams.

The STRK token airdrop is an initiative to reward those who have contributed to the development of the Starknet ecosystem, including developers of Cairo, the Starknet programming language, and active users of the network.

This event has sparked great interest in the crypto community due to the anticipation surrounding the distribution of the tokens.


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