Stably Partners with Stellar to Launch Stablecoin On/Off Ramps

Stably Partners with Stellar to Launch Stablecoin On/Off Ramps
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Stably announced the launch of On/Off ramps on the Stellar Network. The new integration focuses on the USDC and USDS stablecoins and provides deposits/withdrawals for Stellar wallets and anchors.

The new integration makes it possible for Stellar users and developers to manage Stellar USDC payments easier and also benefit from Stably’s payment systems. Besides, Stably will provide services for enterprises to facilitate Stablecoin issuance for them.

More Stablecoin Features in Stellar Wallets

Stablecoins are becoming the everyday solution for payments. Many blockchains are integrating leading stablecoins like USDC to provide easier payment solutions to their users. The features make it easier for developers on each blockchain to offer payment services in their dApps, too.

Stellar is one of the most active blockchains in this field, with plans to expand the stablecoin payments more for its users. Stellar USDC is the primary stablecoin solution on this blockchain. The new integration with Stably makes it possible for Stellar developers to facilitate deposit/withdrawal for their users for USDC and USDS stablecoins. USDS is Stably’s Stellar-based US digital dollar stablecoin.


The new partnership between Stably and Stellar also provides access to Stably Prime service to Stellar developers. It provides a whitelabel wallet platform that offers the opportunity for enterprise users to serve customers in countries worldwide. The customers can now issue their own branded Stellar-based stablecoin and use it in the Stellar ecosystem.

Wallets and anchors in the Stellar ecosystem can now use the new on/off ramps from Stably. The first to integrate the features is the Lobstr wallet. USDC and USDS on/off ramps are now ready in this Stellar wallet. 

Stably execs believe that Stellar goals and visions are aligned with theirs. Both are working on borderless payments with easy-to-use platforms. Kory Hoang, CEO and Co-Founder of Stably said about the latest partnership: 

“Stellar’s promise of a borderless financial world aligns precisely with our company values and the products and services we offer. Whether it be the small guys trading at a retail level, or institutional players looking to move larger amounts of money, we look forward to enabling users globally to benefit from the intrinsic nature of blockchain technology and stablecoins. We are excited to partner with the Stellar Development Foundation to make this vision a reality.”

The partnership between Stably and the Stellar Development Foundation took shape in Q4, 2020. The ultimate goal is to expand the Stably services in the Stellar ecosystem. The latest integration is a strategic step to show the capabilities of two teams working together. They will work on cross-border payment infrastructures to expand the services more.

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