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Spruce Systems Provides Decentralized Identity Capabilities on Tezos

Spruce Systems Provides Decentralized Identity Capabilities on Tezos

Spruce Systems announced developing a new tool on Tezos that will provide decentralized identity capabilities based on W3C standards.

The new partnership with the Tezos ecosystem will initially result in open-source identity tools on the Tezos network “including tools for the issuance, storage, verification, and governance of trusted information to allow any Tezos account to demonstrate who (or what) they are on their own terms, without sacrificing privacy,” according to Spruce.

TQ Tezos team collaborated with the Spruce system in developing the new tool. Digital identity has always been a critical topic in blockchain projects. Most of them try to govern and protect identities using the natural security-based features of blockchain. Spruce Systems hopes to collaborate with other Tezos projects like Tezos Domains, Taquito, Beacon, Kukai, and Agora to integrate the decentralized identity service in their products.

Digital identity is a crucial part of activities related to blockchain projects. These systems provide the essential components of recognizing, remembering, and responding to other network players. A common infrastructure like the new Spruce product removes the challenges of developing identity systems from scratch.

Spruce Systems chose Tezos as the main blockchain because of this blockchain’s considerable focus on governance and upgradable protocols.

“Our long-term vision is to enable every Tezos wallet with identity capabilities and to allow any project to issue credentials for end-users to utilize throughout their various journeys. With these components, Tezos products will have standard capabilities to tie into reality: Tezos accounts can be selectively augmented with real-world credentials while preserving privacy, asset structuring time can be reduced from months to days, and transactions can generate credentials spawning off-chain interactions,” according to Spruce Systems blog post.

Verifiable digital identities are fundamental in today’s world. Many governments and organizations are changing their goals and visions to secure digital identity providers to facilitate online activity.

Spruce Systems’ service on Tezos can be an excellent start to show the benefits and features of blockchain-based identities. Smart contracts are other parts of the industry that can leverage this system’s components to offer faster integration and more comprehensive services.

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