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Spectiv  is a platform that allows users and organizations around the world to stream content with unique virtual reality (“VR”) content. Viewers can discover, share and experience virtual reality capabilities in the comfort of their homes.

VR is growing in global exposure and, what was initially available for a small group, served by an even smaller group of products by innovators, technocrats and entrepreneurs, is growing rapidly.

Spectiv’s mission is to offer the truly immersive power of virtual reality to everyone. SpectUS and SpectMR propose pre-sale credits (tokens called Signal Tokens or SIGs) to access and use the full functionality of their platform. After the sale SIG will also be available to buy from the Spectiv platform.

The Spectiv platform among other aspects will offer:

Virtual reality content controlled by the community, allowing normal users to transmit any personal experience.

Live virtual reality commercial events such as sporting events, concerts and more from Premium seats. This will allow viewers not only to watch popular events, but to be completely immersed in the atmosphere remotely.

Spectiv OriginalsTM; original virtual reality content produced by Spectiv, voted by the community.

Spectiv Users will always have a voice in what they want to experience.

Although the company Spectiv is the issuer of the GIS, for technical security reasons, each user will have full control over the GIS that they buy.

The signal signal protocol (“Protocol”) is designed to decentralize the purchase, sale and reward of attention by eliminating the intermediary from the equation. This is achieved through intelligent advertising campaign contracts.

By using the Protocol, an advertiser can use GIS through an intelligent contract associated with objective content. This content is now active or “hot”, which means publishers, viewers and curators can interact with that advertiser through the smart contract and be rewarded with SIGs to direct attention to that content.

Each ad, click and reward view that occurs is communicated to the Ad Campaign.

The protocol can directly disintermediate the “trade” of attention. The protocol allows advertisers to run advertising campaigns directly rewarding producers, suppliers and influencers of care, instead of using an intermediary.

GIS will be sold publicly through a token-issuing event. The issue will open on December 8, 2017 and will run until December 29, 2017. The SIG will be valued at a fixed price of $ 0.50 each. The number of SIG sold will determine the total amount of SIG created.

For more details of the project, you can review your White paper.



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