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Soundeon: Balance of the Music Industry

Sundeon changes the rules of the music industry

One of the advantages that the blockchain technology has provided to be developed as a base for multiple projects and solutions, is its justice before the solution of problems that up to now have been difficult to control. One such case is clearly seen in the music industry and copyright sector, in which a platform called Soundeon is driving an important change.

Composers and artists in general strive to gain access to public recognition, and also to be able to establish and live their creations and interpretations, which is often an extremely difficult task that most do not succeed. In general, music producers, media, collective management entities and publishers obtain greater benefits than composers and performers themselves.

This situation is the fundamental basis of the platform based on blockchain Soundeon, which presents solutions that guarantee an equal opportunity for all parties involved in the music business.

Soundeon emerges as a platform entirely focused on the music industry, decentralized and vertically integrated that covers all possible aspects of this sector. It covers from the creation of the musical work and its author rights, to the publishing market of existing and future musical assets, as well as the production of musical events including the sale of tickets.

Soundeon: Balance of the Music IndustryThanks to blockchain they have developed the Creative Smart Contract (CSC) ™, a self-executing audiovisual media contract that is the backbone of the Soundeon platform.

Soundeon seeks to discover musical talents and give them the opportunity to take control over their work and creations through a contract of audiovisual media of self-executing intellectual property, in an uncensored, immutable, honest and transparent management environment that has never existed before. the music industry

The Soundeon platform is true to the principle of equal opportunities for everyone in the music industry. From mechanisms for financing artists and issuing tickets for equitable events, as well as helping musical artists to regain control of their creations and works, monetize their works and offer their fans an ever closer connection with their artists.


To operate Soundeon has its own utility token, the Soundeon Token, compatible with the ERC20 standard and which has an initial value of 1 Soundeon Token = 0.056923 USD. The total supply of Soundeon tokens is 1,000 million and no new tokens will be created. The pre-sale phase is currently active, and the official launch of the ICO will be on September 30, 2018, with a duration of 30 days.

To know more technical details about this platform we recommend checking your White Paper. We also recommend following them on your Telegram channel to be up-to-date with regards to your presale and the ICO they will carry out.