Sony Announced Blockchain-Based Solution for MaaS

Sony Announced Blockchain-Based Solution for MaaS

Sony is going to develop a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) based on blockchain technology. The goal is to make a common database platform with transparency and security features of blockchain that “achieves transportation data recording and sharing for more than 7 million people per day,” according to Sony. MaaS is kind of a mobility service that integrates multiple transportation systems.

The new MaaS from Sony combines information from various transportation services like bus, train, taxi, car sharing, and bicycle rentals to recommend the best options for transportation to users. Cloud computing is the underlying technology of this service.

Blockchain Common Database or BCDB is a new program by sony that integrates blockchain technology for developing MaaS. The most important role of blockchain in these services is the ability to record and share anonymized travel history by users. Sony predicts that 7 million people will use the service daily.

Sony’s BSDB project is the result of the Blockchain Challenge Program, a MaaS initiative proposed by the Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in 2019. The solution from Sny was the only one that met the requirements of the ministry. As of now, Sony’s BSDB is the first project that uses Blockchain in MaaS as means of recording and sharing data among large-scale userbase.

“BCDB has made it possible to record and share information in a distributed ledger of the blockchain among various Transportation Operators, Transaction Processors and MaaS Service Provides involved in MaaS, thereby making it possible to utilize information with reliability and transparency and deploy it as a service,” Sony said in a press release.

Various organizations in Europe are trying to promote MaaS by including more transportation operators. Using services like BCDB paves the way for future technologies and solutions in smart cities. Collecting and analyzing anonymous data about transportation services and revenue allocation plays an essential part in developing services.

Also, BCDB is not limited to MaaS and can be integrated with any service focused on recording and sharing data. For example, IoT platforms that work with a massive amount of data from sensors can use this common database platform, too.

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