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Sónar+D, the congress where musicians, filmmakers, designers or scientists meet to discuss issues on the evolution of creativity, technology and Blockchain among others.

Sónar+D the international technological congress will be held in Barcelona from June 13 to 16 and each year it is celebrated coinciding with the Sónar Music Festival. Sónar+D places the R+D into Sónar.

Blockchain is something more than just Bitcoin. This technology is usually associated with the registration of transactions made with cryptocurrencies – but that is only one of its services. Blockchain can be given other uses such as cloud storage, anonymous vote, applications in the field of communication or military, the internet of things IOT among many others.

Blockchain in Sónar+D

It is not the first time that Sónar+D talks about blockchain, it has been exactly 6 times in which it has been a protagonist in the congress.

  • Sónar+D 2016 – Joachim Lohkamp, CEO of Jolocom (whose goal is that everyone can control and own their digital fingerprint and achieve a decentralized digital identity) talked about Blockchain.
  • Sónar+D 2016 – Lars Holdhus (one of the first artists who has seen the cultural potential of Blockchain) shared the talk about blockchain with Joachim Lohkamp.

  • Sónar+D 2017 – Peter Harris from Resonate (platform whose objective is to build a new music industry so that independent music can flourish).
  • Sónar+D 2017 – Richie Hawtin (blockchain is capable of favoring creative freedom)

  • Sónar+D 2017 – Marko Ahtisaari from the MIT Media Lab (Laboratory within the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

  • Sónar+D 2017 – Conference blockchain.

Sónar+D 2017 in Numbers:

  • 5500 professionals from 64 countries.
  • 3242 participating companies.
  • 1244 networking meetings.
  • 258 Activities.
  • 46 Conferences.
  • 30 Marketlab stands.
  • +30 Startups selected.


Among the organizers of Sónar+D 2018 we can find names such as:

  • Google
  • NASA
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
  • Aragon (Among others)


Aragon Coin is a cryptocurrency created in Spain. This platform works to bring transparency and independent governance to the front of the management of an organization and train people around the world to manage their organizations in a safe and easy manner.

Aragon wants you to be able to:

  • Create a value without borders, without permits and more efficient.
  • Operate without the fear that third parties with bad intentions will interfere.
  • Resolve disputes between two parties using the decentralized judicial system.

As the company states:

“We are building Aragon because we believe that decentralized organizations can solve the worst problems in the world”

ICO Aragon:

The ICO of Aragon was launched on May 19, 2017 and ended only 15 minutes later, raising 39.83 million dollars.


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