Solana reports a significant increase in the number of active developers and the activity of its ecosystem

Solana's Developer Ecosystem: A Year of Steady Growth and Innovation in 2023
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During the year 2023, the Solana blockchain network experienced impressive and constant growth in its developer community, according to the report “The 2023 State of the Solana Developer Ecosystem” issued by the Solana Foundation.

This report reveals that the network has maintained an estimate between 2,500 and 3,000 monthly active developers throughout the year, reflecting a robust and constantly expanding ecosystem.

One of the highlights of the analysis focuses on developer retention, which experienced a significant increase, exceeding 50% during the last three months of 2023.

This increase is attributed to improvements in the integration process for new developers, the evident preference as the main option for these professionals and the growth of opportunities within the ecosystem.

It is relevant to mention the level of experience of these new developers, where more than 50% have at least three years of experience, indicating a senior contribution in creating applications on the Sol network.

Likewise, the report highlights the growth of the developer community in emerging regions such as India, Taiwan and Singapore, showing significant geographic expansion compared to previous years.

The Solana Foundation has been committed in the field of development

By improving resources and tools for developers, it has provided educational programs, hackathons, and sponsorship of university events.

Solana reports a significant increase in the number of active developers and the activity of its ecosystem

However, the information points out the need to improve local development tools and compares the availability of tools with other ecosystems, highlighting projects that seek to facilitate the transition from Ethereum to Solana.

Regarding application maintenance and security, testing, debugging and monitoring practices in production are highlighted, underlining the importance of these tools to guarantee the stability and security of applications on the network.

Finally, the report concludes by highlighting future opportunities to strengthen the developer ecosystem, including improvements in tools, resources and experiences.

The Solana Foundation extends an invitation to the community to actively participate by contributing innovative ideas and projects while also providing grants to foster and sustain the ongoing expansion of the ecosystem.

The comprehensive report accentuates the robust expansion and vitality exhibited within the Solana developer community throughout the year 2023, showcasing noteworthy accomplishments and pivotal domains earmarked for the platform’s forthcoming evolution.


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