Social network for crypto-inverters Hilo adopts Civic protocol for identification of its users

Security in terms of identification has been one of the development possibilities that blockchain platforms have been observing. Certainly concerns about the privacy of data have increased in recent years. On the other hand social networks have become an indispensable part of the daily life of the average person, regardless of the large amount of data collected by companies worldwide thanks to the incessant activity of these networks.

With the idea of ​​serving as a state-of-the-art social network for cryptocurrency dealers, and naturally driven by blockchain, and with the best security available to its users, the Hilo proposal arises.

Hilo is defined as a social exchange platform that collects all kinds of content such as news, ideas, opinions and information in general about the cryptoactive business, and that aims to provide people with a free platform with global access, in the that your private data is not put at risk. Hilo is designed for investors and merchants of cryptocurrencies, to serve as a meeting place to provide information and advice on cryptocurrency trading, technical analysis and general information about the cryptographic universe.

Security for access to this platform is one of the main priorities, and for this they are implementing the Civic identity verification chain. The new social network is beginning to have its followers.

Hilo intends to use the “Identification Codes” of Civic, which are a tool created for organizations, companies and individuals to verify their identities in social networks, forums, diverse sites and any other platform that requests personal data. Civic identification codes allow users to independently authenticate their identity through a facial recognition software, which is then “sealed” by Civic and integrated into their own blockchain.

This responds to an urgent need for blockchain companies and platforms to provide security to its users. The blockchain-based verification is a very necessary feature without any doubt. It has been demonstrated that the abuse of characteristics such as anonymity have led to many scams with fraudulent ICO’s, and in total impunity. For this reason they have been creating verification systems based on blockchain, which can demonstrate the identity of one on other websites and, in fact, confirm the affiliation of a person to a particular project.

The Hilo team, very aware of this, decided to choose a verification system for their platform, in order to demonstrate to investors that their platform is safe, reliable and ethical. This ensures an experience free of misconduct and abuse by unscrupulous users.

Civic’s identification code technology is still under development, and although its particular official launch is planned for the fourth quarter of 2018, its adoption by platforms such as Hilo is a crucial step to make itself known and demonstrate effectiveness of its benefits.