SLP: Rescuing and promoting loyalty programs with blockchain

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Customer loyalty programs are not new to our knowledge. Many of us have undoubtedly belonged to some program of these, and in many occasions we have even obtained specific benefits of the brands to whose program we belonged.

however there has been a tendency in many people to abandon their loyalty points or even  all of  programs to which they belong, and this represents millions of dollars of potential consumption that remain in only vain possibilities.

The abandonment trend, where members decide that a loyalty program is not worth their time, is on the rise. But there are entrepreneurs who understand the importance of this and knowing the benefits of blockchain technology have devised a solution that we will discuss here: the SLP platform.

SLP is defined as a decentralized platform for loyalty programs, with an exchange of bonus points based on blockchain technology, with dedicated fidelity native token wallets and a marketing engine of its own. With this they build an intelligent ecosystem dedicated to managing in a single platform many loyalty programs for the users’ ease.

The objective of the SLP platform is to allow users to exchange bonus points that they obtained from multiple loyalty programs through an exchange platform and tokenization bonus points, all in one place, optimized, and with security. Seen from a more specific perspective, the negotiable bonus points can obtain a market price and, therefore, become valuable for the users, economically speaking. Users will no longer need to carry many loyalty cards since all bonus points and promotional offers will be stored in a single application for full availability.

The SLP platform will implement an infrastructure in which brands can issue and use tokenized loyalty points. This will allow users to exchange bonus points using the main currency of the platform, the SLP token, and spend the bonus points earned on rewards and products that really interest them. With this conception an experience of brand loyalty different from the conventional one is assured, and that will be more attractive and efficient.

Another important aspect of the SLP platform, is that it can create and collect valuable data thanks to the activity of users to spend their points and perform various transactions. This data can be grouped and sold to brands, thus creating an excellent opportunity to target specific groups of users with certain interests and specific characteristics according to the need of each brand interested. In terms of added value, the SLP platform will establish a new paradigm on loyalty programs thanks to its vision of applying personalized and efficient marketing, reducing marketing costs while promoting effective interaction between brands and consumers.

SLP plans to launch its ICO in the summer of this year. By then the SLP tokens can be acquired at a rate of 1 USD = 100 SLP tokens.

To learn more about the technical aspects of this interesting platform, we recommend checking its White Paper, as well as staying updated on its news by following them at Facebook, Twitter or at their Telegram channel.


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