Sei Unveils Parallelized EVM for Lightning-Fast App Deployment

Sei Promises High-Speed ​​and Efficient User Experience with its EVM Update
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  • Sei upgrades its Devnet with a parallelized EVM for rapid application deployment.
  • Ethereum developers can now deploy their applications on the project without modifying their code.
  • The firm aims to offer an experience similar to traditional web applications, with high speed and efficiency.

High-speed blockchain platform Sei has taken a significant step into the future with the launch of its public Devnet v2.

This update marks an important milestone on the path to a fully parallelized and highly performing EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) execution environment.

The new version of Sei gives developers the ability to test and refine their applications in a permissive environment, without needing to modify their existing code.

One of the most notable features of this update is full support for EVM bytecode, allowing Ethereum developers to deploy their applications on the project network without needing to make significant changes to their code.

This opens up new possibilities for building massively scalable applications, leveraging existing infrastructure and development work in the Ethereum ecosystem.

EVM parallelization in Sei offers the best of both worlds

On the one hand, the infrastructure and development of Ethereum, and also combines it with a performant execution environment similar to Solana.

This represents a potential approach to address scalability challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem, enabling thousands of transactions per second and completing in less than 400 milliseconds.

Sei Revolutionizes Application Deployment with its Parallelized EVM

In addition to EVM parallelization, v2 introduces a number of new features, including interoperability with other runtime environments such as Cosmwasm, optimistic parallelization for concurrent processing, and SeiDB to handle higher data storage rates.

The community has already shown significant interest in the platform, with thousands of NFT users and projects having deployed smart contracts on its mainnet.

The upgrade to Sei v2 promises to open new possibilities for interoperability between EVM and WASM contracts, which could lead to a more diverse and vibrant ecosystem on the Sei network.

The launch of Sei’s public Devnet v2 represents an important step towards a more scalable and performant blockchain future.

With its parallelized EVM and a host of new features, the project is poised to deliver a user experience similar to that of traditional web applications, which could transform the way we interact with blockchain technology in the future.


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