SBF: “Spending customer deposits was included in risk management”

Financial Scandal: FTX Founder Defends Use of Client Deposits
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In a legal case that has been in the spotlight, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, has testified that the use of customers’ fiat currency deposits was part of a “Risk management”.

The testimony was presented in the Southern District of New York, where FTX faces allegations related to its financial collapse and alleged misuse of customer funds.

The trials are covered by Inner City, an exclusive journalist assigned to the case, who shares his information through the social network X. Thanks to his work, this new aspect in the SBF case has become known verbatim.

When it filed for bankruptcy, FTX was $8 billion short, a figure that raised concerns about the safety of customer assets.

Sam Bankman-Fried, who is also the CEO of Alameda Research, stated that he considered the use of these funds as part of his risk management work, a statement that has sparked controversy and is the subject of investigation.

In his testimony, SBF admitted that, as CEO of Alameda, his focus was on the company’s portfolio management, which raises some questions about his oversight and responsibility for the company, especially given the magnitude of the deficit.

Failure to adequately supervise could have significant legal implications.


Sam Bankman-Fried allegedly gave the Prime Minister of the Bahamas front-row seats at the Miami Heat Arena, raising questions about possible political influences in the case.

Shocking Testimony: FTX Founder Claims Clients Were Used for 'Risk Management'

Conversations about repaying the national debt, as well as helping to secure employment for the Prime Minister’s son, are mentioned, adding an additional component to the story.

The ongoing trial, against SBF and its firm FTX, is scheduled to conclude in the coming week, and the results will have a significant impact on determining liability and legal consequences in this case.

The controversy surrounding the use of client funds and political relationships make this a high-profile case in the world of cryptocurrencies and finance. The financial community will be attentive to the conclusions of the trial and its implications for regulation and transparency in the future, within the crypto market.


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