Samsung is Developing a File Transfer App Using Blockchain

Samsung is Developing a File Transfer App Using Blockchain
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Samsung is trying its best to keep moving on the blockchain road. The Korean giant has made some remarkable progress in developing blockchain-based apps and services.

They’re now developing a new file transfer app that leverages blockchain technology. The new application will be released with the next Galaxy flagship.

Keeping Your Files Secure With Blockchain

One of the most important promises of blockchain technology focuses on data safety. The distributed ledger technology can keep track of data securely and ensure all files are safe.

No one can manipulate a file that is in a secure blockchain platform. It is the main reason big companies like Samsung are working on blockchain solutions to develop new applications.

Samsung’s new blockchain-based app is called Private Share. The new application will improve the options users have for transferring their files. They can be sure about the security of the shared file by using the blockchain-based app.

One of the new Private Share app’s potential features is deleting the shared file from the user’s device automatically. According to Sammobile:

“Private Share is going to allow users to share their files privately. It’s the same concept as ephemeral messaging. The sender will be able to set an expiration date for the files. The shared files would automatically be deleted from the recipient’s device after expiry.”

Because of the primary purpose of securing files in the Private Share app, there will be some exclusive features. The receiver can’t reshare the file, for example. Another essential guideline is that users can’t tale screenshot from the received file, either.

Both the sender and the receiver have to have the Private Share app installed on their phone to securely transfer files – like the recommendations in the Quick Share app. When a user wants to transfer a file, they should initially send a transfer request. The file will be transferred through a secure channel after the receiver accepts the request.

Samsung may release the blockchain-based Private Share with Galaxy S21. The new flagship will be announced on January 21. Like all of the previous Samsung app, the new application will be released for other Galaxy smartphones later.

So, all of the Galaxy ecosystem members can enjoy the benefits of secure file sharing through blockchain. Maybe all other Android users will find the chance by downloading the application from a third-party app store.

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