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Today, the SafeMoon Space team announced on their telegram that they have raised over 2000 ETH worth over $9M from $SMSP (ERC-20) presale tokens in Ethereum Mainnet. The team say we can’t wait for our journey to begin this month.

Reserve $SMSP ERC-20 Token

To participate please visit:

Reserve $SMSP BEP-20 Token

To participate please visit:

SMSP Token will be launched on Major Exchanges

Stake SMSP

Sell SMSP:

Crypto Trifecta Resolved

SMSP Token Security

SafeMoon Space Decentralization

SafeMoon Space Scalability

SMSP Smart Contracts

Liquidity Transformer Epoch

Circulation Epoch

Liquidity Transformer

Provable Oracle API

The Future Of SafeMoon Space

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