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SafeCrypt: cryptotrading with absolute security

It is well known that the problems of security and stability in online connections have affected many causing millions in losses, a situation that has occurred in the investment markets. For this reason SafeCrypt is determined to provide an instant encryption service of fail-safe design.

Contemplating low rates as 0.06% and complete anonymity for users at every step of the way of their operations, SafeCrypt is expected to capture 9.6% of the share in the cryptographic exchange market.

The creation of SafeCrypt.io, an anonymous cryptographic exchange platform without risks, seeks to be a milestone in the development of modern cryptomarket technologies.

The SafeCrypt team has effectively implemented a small part of the SafeCrypt.io framework to present the functional prototype of the cryptoexchange platform, specially developed for its cryptoinvestors. Its transaction processing system is completely automated: a commercial merchant mechanism with 44 cryptocurrencies already accepted to allow a broader audience of cryptoinvestors to participate and effectively capitalize on the SafeCrypt.io currencies offer.

Among several functional aspects of the platform, we can highlight the collective investment functionality of multiple operators (Co-op): a limited time function that allows multiple investors to make purchases of collective tokens to obtain larger bonuses. Likewise, the completely automatic and precise system of dynamic bonus calculation that guarantees the timely distribution of programmed and precise tokens among the cryptoinvestors. Mathematically verified economic model designed to ensure the value of the SafeCrypt.io token and guarantee a stable and continuous growth of the ROI projected for the token holders.

The SafeCrypt team is developing a multi cryptocurrency exchange platform that will allow users to store their assets in their own local portfolios and allow them to perform secure exchange operations more quickly and safely without risking problems with intermediaries. Absolute anonymity of all transactions, secure cloud environment that temporarily stores the required transaction metadata, a global network of distributed abuse servers that allows for maximum platform stability and zero chance of collapse.

SafeCrypt has developed secure methods of data encryption and cloud networks to store the encrypted metadata of all transactions.

The SafeCrypt system instantly processes the transaction request and transfers the assets in cryptocurrency requested by the user, completely automatically and with a minimum transaction fee of 0.06%.

In this way, operators immediately receive the desired assets without worrying about losing their savings due to uncontrollable events or any other incident that results in the total or partial loss of operators’ savings.

The initial coin offering of SafeCrypt tokens is divided into two phases: The pre-sale phase starts on November 17, 2017 and will take 5 weeks. And the Main Crowdsale phase that will start immediately after the first phase ends on December 22, 2017 and will last for 5 weeks. The ICO will end on January 26, 2018.

To participate, the investor must obtain the SafeCrypt ETH address and invest through the SafeCrypt.io web interface.


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