RWA Tokenization Platform Launches First Private Credit Pool on Celo Network

RWA Tokenization Platform Launches First Private Credit Pool on Celo Network
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  • Untangled Finance launches the first institutional private credit pool in DeFi.
  • Backed by Fasanara Capital, the pool is structured on the Celo blockchain with advanced security measures.
  • Access for accredited RWA investors through a robust KYC process.

Untangled Finance has marked a significant milestone in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) by launching the first institutional private credit pool.

Backed by Fasanara Capital, one of the largest credit funds in Europe, this pool is structured on the Celo blockchain with advanced security measures to protect investors assets.

Untangled Finance’s credit pool differentiates itself by implementing on-chain securitization, providing an additional layer of security and transparency to the underlying assets.

This is achieved thanks to the established securitization framework in Luxembourg and is open to accredited RWA investors who complete a rigorous know-your-customer (KYC) process.

The highlight of this pool is its backing in institutional quality real assets, coming from Karmen, a financial institution specialized in instant loans and working capital for small and medium-sized digital businesses in France.

The diversification of these assets supports the stability of the pool, which has a debt limit of $6 million in USDC.

Access to this pool is not trivial, as it requires investors to prove their identity and comply with strict regulatory requirements.

However, this guarantees the integrity of the pool and investors confidence in its security and transparency.

RWA Asset Tokenization Platform Launches First Private Credit Pool on the Celo Network

a significant step towards democratizing RWA opportunities

Historically, private credit has typically been limited to major financial institutions due to challenges related to appraising assets accurately and managing liquidity effectively.

Today, however, initiatives like the introduction of private credit pools on platforms like the Celo network are reshaping this landscape significantly.

These initiatives are playing a crucial role in democratizing access to private credit investments within the RWA DeFi sector.

As a result, investors in RWA DeFi now have the opportunity to participate in top-notch investment opportunities and achieve better portfolio diversification strategies.

The support of Fasanara Capital as a senior lender provides an additional layer of confidence and strength to this pool, which may also attract more institutional investors to the DeFi ecosystem.

Together, these actions are laying the foundation for a more mature and reliable DeFi market, where financial innovation and asset security are key priorities.


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