Roddenberry Entertainment immortalizes iconic moment in Star-Trek history with Solana Labs

Roddenberry Entertainment immortalizes iconic moment in Star-Trek history with Solana Labs
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Gene Roddenberry signed the first Star Trek contract with Desilu Productions and partners with Solana Labs to issue the first-ever Eco-NFT. The contract that is going to become NFT is an iconic moment in entertainment history. It’s the first Star Trek contract that Roddenberry Entertainment signed with Lucille Ball’s Desilu Productions.

The contract focuses on Lucille Ball that was not only one of the greatest performers of our time but also the first woman to run a major television studio. The contract that is dated May 18, 1965, gave birth to the science fiction phenomenon, Start Trek.

It’s the first Eco-NFT in the industry that shapes with the help of biotech innovators Agustin Fernandez and Dr. Paul Predki.

It’s built on the Solana blockchain with the help of Solana Labs and Metaplex Studios. The NFT is implanted as a DNA code into the cell of live bacteria. Therefore it will be the first living NFT in the world.

Othe unique specifications of this NFT are eco-friendly characteristics. Because the NFT is stored on organic material besides, the project is net-zero and may be carbon-negative, too.

This Eco-NFT is somehow the combination of science and science fiction. The production will be shown as an art piece named “El Primero” in Miami during Art Basel 2021.

Augustin Fernandez and Dtr. Paul Predki had influential roles in creating the first-ever living Eco-NFT. Fernandez is the CEO and Founder of Rational Vaccines and an Emmy Award-winning writer, director, and producer. Predki was responsible for encoding the NFT’s digital data into a DNA sequence.

The next part was storing the DNA in a self-replicating bacteria cell. The result will be an NFT that replicates automatically. As a result, when the bacteria stay alive, the cell will duplicate and create a billion copies of the Eco-NFT overnight. Fernandez said about the process:

“At Rational Vaccines, we have the honor of working with some of the greatest scientists in the world. Storing information in DNA represents a whole new category of possibility when it comes to data archiving. It provides sustainable, environmentally-friendly storage with exponentially larger capacities than anything the market currently has to offer, as evidenced by the billions of copies of our Eco-NFT in such a small amount of bacteria.”

Roddenberry Entertainment has various goals in partnership with blockchain firms like Solana Labs. The main goal is to promote experience over observation. It wants to encourage audiences to think, question, and challenge the world. These kinds of partnerships and eye-opening productions can move the audience of the company in that direction.


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