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Robomed Network: A network blockchain at the service of health

In these times of ICO’s and various blockchain projects, the health sector could not be left behind. This time we will talk about Robomed Network. The Robomed network is a medical network administered by a blockchain token and designed to provide the most effective medical care. This network connects health care providers and patients on the basis of a smart contract, whose value criteria are performance metrics for a specific medical service and patient satisfaction. This particular concept of a patient-oriented medical network, based on advanced technology, is new to the healthcare market.

Robomed Network issues its own tokens to support smart contracts between health care providers and patients. RBM’s intelligent medical contract – which is the network’s native token – raises the value of the service by ensuring that the owner fully complies with the clinical guidelines for the specific case by the health care provider. Robomed clinical guidelines are subject to constant improvement by the professional medical community, motivated by higher goals and Robomed Network bonuses for such purposes.

The clinics in the network use Robomed EHR, a automation system designed for medical facilities, which includes unified medical data storage and health management tools. Robomed EHR integrates all participating clinics into a single information space, allowing different service providers to interact quickly, avoiding bureaucratic, financial and legal barriers, ensuring that services are delivered according to uniform criteria. Patients in turn interact with the Robomed network through Robomed Mobile or Robomed Web.

Robomed Network

Robomed Network already includes a number of medical centers around the world. The network clinics share a common approach to health care management and have developed uniform quality standards for the medical services.

The Token RBM is the Token Ethereum, which grants the right to vote when determining the value of medical services within the Robomed Network and can be accepted as payment for medical services provided by participating medical providers. Clinics that are part of the network Robomed are required to accept the RBM token as payment for medical services rendered at the time of a meeting with a patient.

Tokens will be offered within 50 days from October 25, 2017 through December 15, 2017.

Price of a Token RBM at launch: 0.000284-0.000426 ETH, depending on the date of purchase.

To know deeper into the network, we recommend reviewing the project’s White paper.

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