Robinhood Announces Exclusive NFT Giveaway: Find Out How to Participate!

Robinhood Announces Exclusive NFT Giveaway: Learn How to Participate!
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  • Robinhood Wallet and Launch Exclusive Hunt Slonem NFT Giveaway.
  • Robinhood Wallet users can enter the giveaway and purchase unique digital sketches.
  • Notable will cover network costs for the first 10,000 participants, democratizing access to digital art.

Robinhood Wallet and have announced an exciting collaboration that promises to revolutionize the world of digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This partnership has led to an exclusive NFT giveaway, with digital sketches by renowned American artist Hunt Slonem as featured pieces.

Robinhood Wallet users now have the opportunity to participate in this giveaway, where they will be able to purchase the first of four NFT sketches that will be released in two-week intervals.

These sketches, available through the Web3 tab in the Robinhood Wallet app on iOS, will be minted on Notable and delivered directly to users wallets.

A feature of this giveaway is that Notable will cover the network fees associated with mining for the first 10,000 entrants, making participation even more accessible.

After this limit, participants will be responsible for any network fees associated with mining.

Exclusive NFT Giveaway: Robinhood Unveils Exciting Opportunity!

In addition to the opportunity to acquire these exclusive NFTs, American participants who manage to collect all four pieces will have the option to purchase a physical print of one of the sketches.

These prints will be limited to just 400 total, adding an additional element of exclusivity to the Robinhood experience

Notable CEO Zain Talyarkhan has highlighted the platform’s mission to reduce barriers to entry in the world of fine art, offering unique digital works accompanied by museum quality physical prints at affordable prices.

This initiative seeks to democratize access to art and make the collection of pieces by renowned artists such as Hunt Slonem more accessible to a broader public.

On the other hand, Johann Kerbrat, General Manager of Cryptocurrencies at Robinhood, has expressed the company’s vision of increasing access to Web3 through its Wallet, facilitating the exploration of projects and opportunities related to blockchain technology and NFTs.

The collaboration between Robinhood Wallet and represents an exciting development in the convergence between art, technology and finance, opening new doors for art enthusiasts and digital collectors.


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