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RightMesh and NAU two promising ICO’s for 2018

The advances in recent months in blockchain technology make it one of the trends to follow this year, making it a real promise. Although it had been adapted as a basis for Bitcoin and for the handling of other cryptocurrencies. Currently its use could write the technological history of the next decade.

The ICOs, which are changing the way of thinking of investors and the way they use their capital in this market. Therefore, analysts of all types have identified the startups and main initial currency offers (ICO) that they believe will have the greatest impact in 2018.

RightMesh ventures into technology

One of the bets of 2018 is RightMesh, a startup based in Canada, which is adopting a slightly different approach to connecting the world. Instead of starting with the macro as the gods of technology, they are starting from the micro using smartphones and blockchain.

In this regard, it is the first platform and protocol of ad hoc mobile mesh network based on software in the world that uses blockchain technology and MESH tokens to boost growth. This allows developers to adapt existing mobile applications and create new P2P mesh applications.

Its main characteristic lies in the elimination of traffic, allowing accessible connectivity between peers. For this, the RightMesh service uses a support where any person with limited Internet connectivity or without access to it has the possibility to connect with a decentralized network.

In this way, RightMesh aims to start connecting people who start in developing countries, and work to fully decentralize the infrastructure itself. So it is a real exchange economy.

RightMesh TGE officially begins on February 15, 2018 when the MESH tokens will be available to the community in exchange for contributions to the project. It should be noted that the maximum limit for contributions will be $ 30,000,000.

NAU connects businesses with clients

For a long time, retailers have had to pay exorbitant fees to attract customers through advertisements in different media. However, this platform operates through a mobile application and a web page that facilitates the use of this using tokens.

NAU is a platform with blockchain technology in which entrepreneurs can attract clients without having to depend on intermediaries. Its main objective is to interrupt traditional and expensive advertising models, by giving local companies access to social references through a user affiliate program.

Therefore, each client will indirectly become a promoter of the business and get rewards from retailers to bring their acquaintances to the platform. Additionally, it provides special channels through which retailers can reach their target audience, as well as a convenient and flexible tool to create unique offers.

Through the use of the NAU API, publishers can show highly targeted offers to their local audience, and after these users install the application, publishers will receive a commission of 95% of what companies pay for sales generated by the users.

Consequently, we seek to improve the relationship between consumers and retailers through the relationship in terms of the use of Blockchain technology and the improvement of the SoLoMo marketing approach that highlights the fact that people are more likely to share things that belong to the area they inhabit.

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