Revolutionary integration with Byepix: De-FI, NFT, Game-Fi, Metaverse, and more!


After a newly published Whitepaper, there is talk of a project integrating DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and GameFi with maximum efficiency. With Byepix’s Whitepaper, concepts such as “ICO Staking” and “NFT Staking” began to be discussed in the De-Fi world.

Besides having announced many innovations such as NFT Creation and 3D Builder, Byepix is a project that will radically change many things in the world of De-Fi, NFT, and gaming. Byepix’s token is a DeFi token compatible with EPIX BSC and ERC-2O; however, the project offers a vision far beyond that.

Financial instruments are not limited to sending and receiving money. Therefore, when talking about De-Fi, we need to think of more advanced financial functions. Among these are many options: loans, lending, decentralized exchange, insurance, shopping, marketplace, and staking.

Unlike De-Fi projects, NFTs, which are unique and unchangeable, has become essential, especially in art.

Byepix, which we will look deeper into today, strives to make a difference by integrating these fields. So, how does Byepix accomplish this? Continue reading to find out.


We mentioned that the essential methods used by Byepix are gamification and storytelling. Byepix has designed 9 different planets on its Metaverse on this axis.

These planets are where people can create, have fun, earn money and do missions.

For example, on Finance Planet, users manage their financial investments such as Swap, ICO, Stake, buy and sell plots on Life Planet, generate NFTs through free tools on Creation Planet, enjoy winning while playing on Game Planet, and accumulate EPIX through daily quests on Task Planet.

These planets are only a tiny part of the star system.

Byepix, which offers quite comprehensive functions, seems to have positioned itself not as a competitor to Metaverse and Gaming projects but as a partner and an inclusive platform in which they can operate.

Byepix’s Highlights

• Virtual Life (Metaverse)
• NFT Swap (Swap your NFTs)
• ICO Staking (Let your investment work for you even during the ICO period)
• Zero Fee NFT Creation & Listing (No fees for creating and Listing your artwork)
• 3D Builder (Build your objects; like your house)
• Meta-Human Creation (Create your Avatar)
• Byepix Lands (Buy, Sell & Collect Lands to build or to invest)
• Game-Fi (Gaming and Finance merged)
• Game DAO (Decision-making mechanism for gaming platforms)
• Play to Earn Feature (As the name implies, games where you can play and make money).
• Lottery (Take a chance)
• Prediction (Bet) Platform

In the simplest terms, we can define NFTs as “units of data that can be stored in a blockchain network.” These “data” cause heavy fees and long transactions in standard Blockchain structures.

The main reason for this is that these networks are built for De-Fi tokens, not NFTs.

The Byepix team, which built NFTs at the center of the project, found the solution by creating its own NFT Blockchain network.

The structure of this new network, which was developed according to the Whitepaper, is shaped according to NFT Asset Class and Block NFT Asset Class.

Since the transfer and the block in the digital ledger are compatible, the fees and transaction speeds are optimized accordingly.

If the project succeeds in these goals, it will surely put its signature under a revolutionary development in the short history of NFTs.


In addition to transferring or trading NFTs, posting NFTs on Marketplaces can also incur high fees.
At this point, Byepix has enabled a remarkable feature. Publishing NFTs on the Byepix NFT Marketplace is completely free.


Here’s how: NFTs posted on the Byepix Marketplace are not minted until sold. In other words, as soon as an NFT meets its first seller, it is minted; and the buyer pays the network fee according to the smart contract written. This stands out as a good incentive, especially for artists who have no capital. Simple yet clever!


Byepix offers multiple ways to earn income even for users who invest in EPIX Tokens. We mentioned that Byepix is building a cheap and fast NFT network to meet that speed with decentralization. The network needs lots of validators and storage for WEB 3.0 powered dApps.

These distributed validators will contribute to the network by transacting on mobile and desktop devices in different parts of the world. Byepix will reward this contribution through the platform’s native token, EPIX.

Again, the Play2Earn model and the mission gains from the Task Planet with daily missions are other ways to earn money with Byepix.


DeFi has influenced the traditional approach to finance and the entire crypto industry. Thanks to the De-Fi revolution, previously slow and at risk of human error, services are now automated and more secure because they are managed with codes anyone can review. But there is one problem, and it’s an obvious one: De-Fi lacks mass adoption.

Beginners, especially retail users, are afraid to use it because it seems too complicated to understand. There is a considerable lack of information and user onboarding processes.

With this realization, the Byepix team solved this problem through gamification. This orientation resulted in two products: Byepix Game-Fi and Byepix Gaming platform. These two products are two parts of a system that complement each other.

To explain Byepix GameFi more precisely, we can say that integrating financial transactions such as staking, yield farming, and NFTs existing in De-Fi transactions into the gaming industry. The games are integrated into the Byepix system in the Gaming Platform, and the foundations of a large gaming platform are laid.

This is not the only feature of Byepix that you will earn by having fun. The features available in the Fun Planet within the platform are reminiscent of a meta casino. While you can find many games from the wheel of fortune to lotto, from lotto to slot on the platform, let us remind you that all the machines work with EPIX Token.


One of the essential features distinguishing Byepix from other NFT Marketplaces is NFT Staking. The project offers you the opportunity to earn passive income from your NFTs by giving you Epix Tokens if you stake your NFTs produced on the Byepix network or chosen by the network editors for the first time in the world.


In addition to many tools designed for professionals, Byepix has rolled up its sleeves to include users without technical qualifications in the creation process. Simplifying everything that seems complicated in DeFi and NFT, the project also breaks new grounds in this regard.
Here are the features of Byepix that will reveal the artist in you:

1) NFT Creation

Many users in the NFT sector are pretty passive. Without expertise in digital drawing, NFT may seem to you just a digital commodity that can be traded. To change this fate, Byepix has created the NFT Creation tool. You can create your NFTs on the Byepix website via NFT Creation and publish them on the NFT Marketplace with just one click.

2) 3D Modelling Builder

How about designing Byepix Metaverse yourself? In this universe, you can build everything yourself, from your character to the house you will live in. Byepix has announced that it is about to finish the infrastructure of an app. You can create many loots to use in Metaverse with the 3D Modeling Builder App, without downloading any software and without the need for any technical knowledge.


Along with Web 3.0, DAO mechanisms are one of the most trending formations of this year. With decentralized projects, community trends determine decisions and management.

Using smart contracts, the team claims that BYEPIX-DAO can work with outside information and execute orders based on that information, all without any human input.

An incentivized community of stakeholders is to run BYEPIX-DAO through the EPIX mechanism, while BYEPIX-DAO’s rules and transaction records are recorded on the blockchain transparently.
Stakeholder votes usually determine rules. Bids often help to decide on e-DAO. A bid gets implemented if voted in favor by most stakeholders (or if it complies with another set of rules in the network consensus rules).


Byepix’s developments are as expensive as they are innovative. For this reason, the team attaches great importance to our pre-sales processes, such as the fundraising process Presale / ICO.

The project, which creates a vast prize pool for the pre-sale processes, will give land from Life Planet to investors who purchase a certain number of tokens in Pre-sale.


• Discount Coupon for Byepix Life Planet (Lands)*
*Byepix Land will be launched on February 14th.
• Advantageous Lock Time

Pre-sale Rounds Price Difference:

• Pre-sale round 1 is 0.10$ cheaper than Pre-sale round 3 price (0.15$)
– Round 1; 66% Discount, 0.05$ for the first 9 days (3rd stage price is 0.15$).
• Pre-sale round 1 is 0.05$ cheaper than Pre-sale round 2 price (0.10$)
– Round 1; 50% Discount, 0.05$ for the first 9 days (2rd stage price is 0.10$).
• Pre-sale round 2 is 0.05$ cheaper than Pre-sale round 3 price (0.15$)
– Round 2; 33% Discount, 0.010$ for the second 9 days (3rd stage price is 0.15$).

The pre-sale consists of 3 rounds, and the token price increases a little more with each round. In each round of the sale, a number of tokens are allowed. The tokens will arrive after the Pre-sale, locked for 180 days.


Byepix offers you the opportunity to increase your Epix Token number by staking the EPIX tokens you receive from its pre-sale. This untested experience in the De-Fi world looks exciting when both the profit you make during the listing process and the profit you will make with stake income are calculated.


You are offered multiple plans to purchase tokens when you go to Epix’s website. The variable in 5 different plans is the lock time of the tokens to be staked. While the period started from 7 days changes to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year, the prices also decrease as the staking period gets longer.

For example, when you buy a 1-year locked token from ICO Staking, the price is 0.050, while for 1-week locked tokens, the cost can go up to 0.441.


The Audit Report and Legal Opinion will be published during the Pre-sale. After that, CMC, Coinmarketcal, Coingecko listings will find a place.

We are in contact with the Top 5 Exchanges to be listed.

Our Listing goal is $5

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