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Revolution Populi Integrates Chainlink’s Oracle to Secure Smart Contract Transactions

Revolution Populi announced a new partnership with Chainlink. It will integrate Chainlink’s oracle to secure the transactions within the digital ecosystem and social network that use smart contracts.

Oracle Helping Decentralized Social Network

Revolution Populi tries to provide a decentralized social network and digital ecosystem to challenge the tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. It claims the decentralized nature of new solutions will solve many problems that traditional social networks and platforms have caused. Rob Rosenthal, CEO of Revolution Populi stated:

“We’re going to return the internet back to the people to whom it rightfully belongs, and to do that, we’re going to integrate Chainlink’s powerful smart contract middleware throughout the project, which will secure point to point transactions across this new digital ecosystem and social net.”

The social network from Revolution Populi supports many activities that need payments. Most of those payments are based on smart contracts. For example, users get rewards when they engage in the social network. Besides, record companies can earn from their contents with digital payments. This system needs a reliable oracle solution to provide the exact volume and price for transferring tokens. Chainlink’s oracle, the leading oracle in the market will help the Revolution Populi’s development team to integrate price reference data to the platform.

Any new app within the Revolution Populi community can have access to the decentralized public database using Chainlink’s infrastructure.

“Additionally, Chainlink’s infrastructure will allow any app to safely and securely — with scale and speed — attaches itself to the decentralized, public database, one that is neither owned nor controlled by any entity or person and is modelled on tenets of democracy, where the people own, control and sell their data as they see fit,” according to the blog post by Revolution Populi.

Dr Gelernter of Yale University and Rob Rosenthal, a 19-year veteran of Goldman Sachs, are two of the most renowned people within the development team of Project Populi. The project is on the growth phase and will have some new announcements shortly. A digital ecosystem of apps, a new social net, and a new data advertising market are some of the short-term milestones.

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