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Reviews about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrency news crypto economyIn this section we offer a complete analysis of the most interesting projects currently in the cryptocurrency sector, the most outstanding and innovative ICOs and IEOs that provide extra value to the world of virtual currencies.

Its objective is to bring this market closer to people, making it possible in the future to use them on a day-to-day basis.

On Crypto-economy we work so that the search for information is at the tip of your fingers. If you want to learn about these projects to either invest or to follow their evolution, do not stop reading our articles.

Bitmix.biz – How does this Bitcoin mixing service work?

Restoring privacy and financial independence to people is part of the founding ethos of cryptocurrencies. Due to the transparency of the transactions made with...

PrimeXBT Review, everything you need to know

Founded in 2018, PrimeXBT is a trading platform that offers not just spot market cryptocurrency trading but also trading with leverage of various cryptocurrencies...
zilliqa review

Zilliqa [ZIL] What is it, and what is it for?

Zilliqa is a blockchain platform with a focus on enterprises and a new generation of decentralized applications. The project claims security at a high-level...

MakerDAO, What do you know about this project?

MakerDAO is a blockchain-based project aiming at disrupting the money. The project claims its product a "digital currency that can be used by anyone,...

Qtum, What is it, and how it works?

Qtum tries to empower large organizations with the help of cryptocurrency and other blockchain-based solutions. It combines the smart contract functionality from Ethereum with...
enjin review

Enjin (ENJ) The Gold Standard for Digital Assets

Enjin is a platform focused on gaming in the blockchain. The product ecosystem around Enjin makes game development easier on blockchain platforms. The team...

Hive Blockchain – What is it, and how it works?

Hive blockchain is the result of controversy inside the blockchain community. After Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, took control of blockchain startup Steem, the...
nym logo

NYM the Next Generation of Privacy Infrastructure

Privacy is the hot keyword of the internet nowadays. With growing news and concerns about big companies violating the privacy of users and selling...
Decentraland Vegas City Review – A Deep Dive

Decentraland Vegas City Review – A Deep Dive

If you’ve ever been to the City of Las Vegas, you may find it easier to understand the proposition behind the Vegas City district...

Hush Blockchain: Privacy and anonymity in communication

It has been more than a decade since Bitcoin was created and launched. Over the years, the blockchain revolution has attracted some of the...

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