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cryptocurrency news crypto economyIn this section we offer a complete analysis of the most interesting projects currently in the cryptocurrency sector, the most outstanding and innovative ICOs and IEOs that provide extra value to the world of virtual currencies.

Its objective is to bring this market closer to people, making it possible in the future to use them on a day-to-day basis.

On Crypto-economy we work so that the search for information is at the tip of your fingers. If you want to learn about these projects to either invest or to follow their evolution, do not stop reading our articles.

Everything you need to know about the Oasis network and the ROSE token

Everything You Need to Know About the Oasis Network and the ROSE Token

If you're interested in privacy, the Oasis Network is for you. It uses proof of stake and is fully decentralized. Oasis has a native...
The full list of celebrities embracing and having NFTs

The full list of celebrities embracing, owning, and selling NFTs

The NFT sector is still flourishing, which has led to many celebrities embracing and even entering the industry. NFT trading volume surpassed $10 billion...
What is Polkadex? A Brief Intro to Polkadot-based DEX

What is Polkadex? A Brief Intro to Polkadot-based DEX

Polkadex is a Polkadot-based decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Substrate that uses an orderbook trading model to combine the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges while maintaining security and intuitive trading experiences.

CryptoVegas Bitcoin Casino Review

CryptoVegas was set up in 2021 to help fulfil the desires of online gamblers who prefer to try their luck with cryptocurrency rather than...
flow_blockchain what is it

What is Flow Blockchain? A Blockchain for NFTs by Dapper Labs

Flow blockchain is a PoS-based fast, decentralized, and developer-friendly blockchain by NFT pioneer Dapper Labs that aims to provide high scalability to the next generation of Dapps without the use of complex scaling techniques like sharding.
What is Loopring Protocol? A zkRollup-Based L2 Protocol for DEXes

What is Loopring Protocol? A zkRollup-Based L2 Protocol for DEXes

Loopring Protocol describes itself as a zkRollup-based layer-2 platform for decentralized exchange (DEX) and payment protocols that promises to remove the slow speeds and high transaction costs problems associated with other popular DEXes on Ethereum.

Everything you need to know about Metaverse

The world is seeing a whole new paradigm in the form of the Metaverse. Beyond static website pages to a whole new level, user-generated...

What is Avalanche Network? A Review of Emerging Layer-1 Protocol

Avalanche Network is relatively a new entrant to layer-1 smart contracts that promises a high throughput and compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) but quickly has grown to a blockchain protocol to be reckoned with in the industry.

Bepro Network Wants to Revolutionize DApps Building

Bepro Network has converted itself from a decentralized gaming and betting protocol to a new platform that aims to revolutionize decentralized application (Dapp) development for builders without having a core development team.
What is DODO DEX? A Brief Introduction to PMM-Powered DEX

What is DODO DEX? A Brief Introduction to PMM-Powered DEX

What is DODO DEX? DODO DEX is decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that works as a low-slippage on-chain liquidity provider built on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and powered by an innovative market maker algorithm called Proactive Market Maker (PMM).

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