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RepuX: data exchange solution protocol

One of the challenges of the development of artificial intelligence is undoubtedly access to usable data. Companies have terabytes of data stored within their systems and have problems using this for better business decision making or better commercial efficiency. For their part, developers lack data to develop artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions, and most importantly, they lack the business customers to whom to sell those solutions. RepuX offers a solution to this reality, and we will talk about it here.

RepuX is a protocol on which several types of immutable data can be traded and exchanged between different parts of corporate and individual users. RepuX is also a market that allows small and medium businesses to sell anonymous data to developers. It works like this:

  1. Companies sell anonymous data and obtain Repux tokens
  2. Developers buy data to train Machine Learning algorithms
  3. Developers re-sell their smart applications to companies for a better business decision

By creating and enabling value and data transfers directly between peers that use the protocol, RepuX allows the creation of data exchange possibilities for individual and corporate users that do not exist in the current market. This is possible by combining multiple state-of-the-art decentralized technologies such as IPFS, Sia and Ethereum / EOS, together with a possible upgrade to a custom high-performance block chain.

RepuX thus allows the creation of a highly decentralized market of data and information. RepuX has also created a rating and reputation system to solve the data problem without a certain backup authority.

The data transfers will be made directly among the interested parties using the protocol. By making transfers of values and data directly between pairs in the protocol, RepuX allows the creation of various B2B data exchange possibilities (from company to company) for the excess of users and aggregate corporate data, which do not exist in the current market. This direct and rapid transfer of value that will be made through the RepuX token will eliminate the need for intermediaries in multiple industries.

The protocol’s rating and reputation system works by optionally assigning a reputation behind each entity and each transaction, and verifying it through an Oracle system, thus ensuring integrity within the protocol and granting the actors greater confidence not only in the presence but also in also in the quality of the data they are buying.

The Token REPUX

The REPUX token is the way of exchange in the market and the ONLY to make transactions with the platform. The sale of the token is programmed as follows:

  • Start date: February 6, 2018 / 5pm UTC
  • Final date: March 9, 2018 / 5:00 UTC

The price of the REPUX tokens is fixed. The price of the initial sale will be 0.20 USD for 1 REPUX. Once the Token Sale of REPUX ends on March 9, 2018, the open market will decide on the value of the REPUX tokens.

Rewards Program

RepuX is beginning its Official Rewards Program to reward its followers with REPUX Tokens. $ 700,000 in tokens will be allocated to the Program. The program will be carried out until the end of the sale of tokens. You can see more about the program here.

You can also follow the news of RepuX through its Telegram channel.

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