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The blockchain technology is the best hope for an obsolete rental market that urgently needs a makeover of the digital age. And in that understanding the RentBerry  people have taken advantage of blockchain’s benefits to a large extent to develop their decentralized rental platform, which we will discuss here.

Rentberry is a transparent rental service and a price negotiation platform that unites tenants and owners. Automate all standard rental tasks from the presentation of your personal information, credit reports and personalized offers, to electronic signature rental agreements and online rental payments.

Under the prevailing conventional system there are numerous commercial barriers between the tenant and the owner. Online portals, rental agents, property management companies: there is always a third party (and very interested) that is inserted into the process, slowing it down with paper applications and cashier checks, and increasing costs.

Rentberry aims to destroy the status quo. Its main weapon: the collaboration of the community within a decentralized ecosystem, which is only possible thanks to Blockchain. With transparent application processes and a rating system with algorithmic drives, the platform allows open communication between the two parties that matter, while drastically reducing the need for agents and brokers, which makes them obsolete.

This establishes a direct relationship between tenant and owner from the first day. Both parties can evaluate each other’s credentials. For owners, the criteria that determine these credentials include price competitiveness, property reviews and maintenance arrangements. Tenants are qualified according to the credit history and application information. Each party is assigned a score based on this data.

Cultivating and maintaining a decentralized autonomous organization requires a constant commitment to the community. There are several ways to encourage members to help with the expansion of the community, which include:

  • Translation rewards
  • Rewards of errors
  • Improvement rewards
  • Community management rewards

A rewards program brings benefits. By launching an ICO, startups can set aside a percentage of their total number of tokens to encourage users to actively participate in the community. These campaigns foster loyalty to service and create brand ambassadors who have a direct interest in the success of the ICO.

Rentberry Token is the platform’s native cryptocurrency, designed to facilitate a standardized global approach to the long-term lease process, with all transactions maintained in a secure manner. His name is Berry. Your reference value ICO: 1 ETH = 2,500 BERRY

The ICO began on December 5 and will remain until February 28, 2018 or until the hard cap is reached. For more details of the platform, you can review their White paper.


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