Refereum: videogames marketing revolution

The universe of video games has also been permeated by blockchain technology and promises to consolidate even more. In this sense comes the tokenized proposal of the Refereum platform, which eliminates the marketing intermediary by directly rewarding influencers and players to promote and play video games, all in a concept developed through blockchain technology and with its own tokenized economy.

Refereum uses the blockchain to connect developers directly with the influencers, which results in lower marketing costs and greater profits for all. In addition to more effective growth, Refereum strengthens the commitment by offering cash prizes, allowing rewards for anything from a high score in a game to a great eSports prize, for example.

Players can earn money by playing video games and influencers can effectively monetize their followers. Developers can offer cash rewards with a new level of specificity to expand and award prizes to their fans.

Entertaining is the most joyful aspect of the human experience. Refereum aims to democratize and improve videogame marketing, allows cash rewards for all, offers secure open source technology and has the support of industry-leading platforms and a team with a track record.

Anyone is eligible to receive compensation for sharing or playing at, platform powered by Refereum. This platform allows any consumer, marketer or influencer to obtain transparent information about game rewards. The blockchain instant payments are presented with real-time updates, which creates urgency and increases the fear of losing cash prizes, and therefore ensures real-time interactions and growth.

Strategic alliances with platforms such as Twitch and Unity lead Refereum to become the leading altcoin in the video game industry. Game developers can easily implement Refereum in any game, using any engine. When using Unity, Refereum only requires a few clicks to implement.

Refereum’s open market approach eliminates the legal costs of individualized marketing offers while making digital advertising intermediaries irrelevant, so they come out of the equation. Instead of letting marketing budgets go to another advertising conglomerate, Refereum funds the commitment of cash prizes in the player community and allows the superior acquisition of new players. Refereum connects directly to these groups, allowing players to share money and play video games, and influencers effectively monetize their followers.

Influencers have their agency here to choose relevant and monetizable content for their fan bases. Anyone with any level of influence can participate, including regular fans or people simply sharing a game with a friend.

 Refereum allows developer control over acquisition and reward criteria. Developers can choose what counts as a “reference”, going beyond the industry precedent of just counting software installations. For example, instead of paying for facilities that generate little or no commitment, the developers only pay for the quality traffic that makes it go from the first level. In addition, even the basic Refereum implementations severely limit fake traffic and bot installations, since the human input to the game is usually more effective than a captcha. In addition, the economic rewards of the currency can not be manipulated, since any given chip must first be bought and stored in the game.

The philosophy of blockchain revolves around decentralization. For an economic system to grow, it is necessary that there is an ecology of needs, suppliers and innovators. The Refereum economy is ready for this growth with players, influencers and game developers. The developers buy Refereum to pay influencers. Players and influencers extract the real value of their Refereum awards, or spend it in the game. Developers will buy Refereum through a credit card or from any market or open exchange. With open source and use cases documented instructions, game developers can easily create activators to reward Refereum in their game according to the criteria of their choice. Players can link any wallet or address to receive Refereum, which can be exchanged for fiduciary coins on specialized web sites.

 Tokens RFR.

The Refereum utility token (RFR) is a decentralized marketing platform for user rewards and cash rewards. The blockchain Refereum token architecture complies with the ERC20 standard. All tokens buyers will receive RFR tokens in their account after purchase. The platform is a secure decentralized exchange. To do this, first click on the contribute button and create an account. Once you have created your account, you must deposit funds in the account with electronic transfers BTC, ETH or USD. Then you can select RFR and buy your tokens. Each token will cost $ 0.01.

To know more details about this interesting project, you can review their White paper.