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RCN Network Brings the Credit Marketplace to Polygon Blockchain

RCN Network Brings the Credit Marketplace to Polygon Blockchain

Polygon announced a new blockchain project launching services on the platform. RCN is the new member of the Polygon ecosystem that aims to improve its multichain capabilities. The P2P credit network wants to leverage the benefits of Polygon blockchain to decrease the price of transactions and provide a faster experience in its marketplace. We can expect considerable growth for RCN with new efficient services running on Polygon.

Improving the User Experience with Polygon

Many blockchain projects have decided to migrate to or launch parts of their products on the Polygon blockchain in the past months. The platform offers frictionless low-cost transactions in a secure environment. It’s the reason we have seen considerable growth for the blockchain and its native cryptocurrency, MATIC. RCN Network is the latest project to join the Polygon ecosystem by launching its P2P credit network on it. Connecting lenders and borrowers worldwide will now be easier and faster for the RCN network.

The Credit Marketplace of RCN can now be more inclusive with the help of Polygon. Customers now have an alternative with more efficient services. In a nutshell, more people can now enjoy the lending and borrowing services of RCN Network.

The recent news about RCN and Polygon comes after many big projects decided to migrate to Polygon in the last months. It’s another strategic milestone for this innovative blockchain that aims to scale the dApps ecosystem faster and better. According to the latest announcement:

“Polygon has seen widespread adoption and growth, with over 400+ Dapps, ~250M txns, and ~1.4M+ unique users, enabling high-quality user experiences for top dApps like Polymarket, Aave, Aavegotchi, Curve.finance, Decentral Games, and Neon District. Witnessing the tremendous activity and growth of the ecosystem, the RCN team decided to launch on Polygon.”

Polygon is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. It’s the reason we see many Ethereum projects seamlessly migrate to it and provide services in a more efficient way. RCN Network is no exception, and its development team easily launched services on the Polygon blockchain without any need to develop any RCN marketplace component from scratch.

The decentralized credit market can surely benefit from the latest launch of RCN Network on Polygon. Decentralized loans and credits will be available for more people, and the lower-cost nature of Polygon surely helps more mainstream users come to the marketplace. Although Ethereum blockchain made it possible for RCN to provide services in a decentralized system, Polygon can surely take it to another level and cover more users.

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